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Bowl Games: Part II, Electric Bugaloo


  • Central Michigan vs. Florida Atlanta (@Detroit, MI; 8:00 PM, ESPN): Totally not late. At any rate, my prediction hasn’t changed Central Michigan should pull away in the 2nd half.


  • North Carolina vs. West Virginia (@Charlotte, NC; 1:00 PM, ESPN): ACC Bowl Day kicks off with UNC vs. WVU. UNC’s a decent team but any level of competent coaching should allow WVU’s athletic talent on offense to flourish.
  • Florida State vs. Wisconsin (@Orlando, FL; 4:30 PM, ESPN): FSU has also been a decent team this year, but Wisconsin is here pretty much for a perception of traveling well. If FSU shows up, they’ll win a close one. If the offense also makes it, they’ll pull away.
  • Miami (FL) vs. California (@San Francisco, CA; 8:00 PM, ESPN): The final game of the day. Miami ended the season very badly, and they will be in a pro-Cal environment and it will be cold, especially compared to south Florida. I have Cal here.


  • Northern Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech (@Shreveport, LA; 8:00 PM, ESPN): Why is LaTech in the WAC? I really have no idea. If anyone knows let me know. Anyway, in what is probably one of the least interesting games of the bowl season I pretty much just picked Louisiana Tech because, hey, it’s close to home.


  • Rutgers vs. North Carolina State (@Birmingham, AL; 3:00 PM, ESPN): NCSU started the season horribly but finished hot to just barely become the 10th bowl eligible ACC team. Rutgers also had a bad start but recovered sooner, and at any rate I have Rutgers winning comfortably, though I don’t remember why. So there you go.
  • Missouri vs. Northwestern (@San Antonio, TX; 8:00 PM, ESPN): Northwestern goes to their best bowl in quite awhile, but also plays a pretty good Mizzou team. Chase Daniel and company should win easily.


  • Nevada vs. Maryland (@Boise, ID; 4:30 PM, ESPN): The Blue Turf Bowl is renewed for the last time with a WAC vs. ACC matchup, and has often been the case I think the WAC will prevail here. Nevada is underrated in my opinion and there is no way to know which Maryland team will show up.
  • Oregon vs. Oklahoma State (@San Diego, CA; 8:00 PM, ESPN): Oregon’s struggled this year at times, but rallied late and beat arch-rival Oregon State. Oklahoma State, meanwhile, has only 3 losses, all to teams you’ve probably heard of. This is the first test of Big 12 superiority this year, and I think they’ll pass.
  • Western Michigan vs. Rice (@Houston, TX; 8:00 PM, NFL): Which number will be greater, the number of people at the game or the number of people able to watch it on the NFL Network? Anyway, I picked Rice to run away with it.

I’ll do separate posts for the 31st and 1st. Hope you’re enjoying the holidays and this bounty of bowl games!

Opening Weekend Football on TV!

It’s finally time, kids! We’ll cover all the games this wonderful Labor Day weekend.

This selection of games is completely arbitrary. I’ll cover all nationally televised games as well as regional games. All times eastern for these delicious cupcakes:

7:00: Tulsa @ UL-Monroe (ESPN2): I am so desperate for football I will actually watch this provided I’m still not at work. Also, it’s on HD! So I think I’m required to watch it. (Tulsa rolls.)
8:00: LSU @ Mississippi State (ESPN): Marginally better than the first game as Miss State goes to the slaughter for the football desperate masses.
10:00: Utah @ Oregon State (FSN NW, Utah, and Pacific): This may actually be competitive. My money’s on OSU, though.

Friday, 8:00:
Washington @ Syracuse (ESPN): Two terrible teams face off on a Friday night in a dome in rural New York! I really don’t have much else to say about this.


  • East Carolina @ Virginia Tech (ESPN): Take a drink every time the word “tragedy” is mentioned! VPI rolls.
  • Alabama-Birmingham @ Michigan State (ESPN2): I’m sad because I no longer have John L. Smith to make fun of.
  • Colorado State @ Colorado (FSN): Lost in the fact that CU is terrible is that there’s an honest-to-god rivalry game in the opening weekend! This should be pretty fun.

12:30: Western Kentucky @ UF (Gameplan/LF): I just laid down the cash for Gameplan, and I’ll be dammed if I’m not going to use it. For 5 minutes.


  • Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame (NBC): (Breathe in) (breathe out) Oh man. This is it. Everything before this is filler. One of like 3 worthwhile games of the day. An entire non-ND nation wants us to win here. I want us to win here. However, I hate predicting GT games. Both teams have new quarterbacks, but ND has a lot more questions have skill positions and is switching to the 3-4 defense. GT returns the ACC’s leading rusher and has hired an offensive coordinator who (presumably) knows what the hell he’s doing. At any rate, GO JACKETS!
  • Nevada @ Nebraska (Gameplan/ABC): Uh, woo?
  • Wake Forest @ Boston College (ESPN/ABC): Early ACC action! I like BC and their QB here, though.
  • Washington St. @ Wisconsin (ABC/ESPN): Not terribly excited about this one. Wisconsin should roll.
  • Missouri vs. Illinois (ESPN2): This is a toss-up. A toss-up of crap.
  • UCLA @ Stanford (FSN): UCLA rolls.

5:30: Arizona @ BYU (Versus): Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

6:00: Baylor @ TCU (CSTV): aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………

6:45: Oklahoma State @ Georgia (ESPN2): To hell, to hell, to hell with Georgia… at least, I hope so. Go Sooners!

7:00: North Texas @ Oklahoma (FSN): OU rolls.

7:45: Kansas State @ Auburn (ESPN): AU rolls.

8:00: Tennessee @ California (ABC): And we round out the day with the probably best overall game. I love these sorts of intersectional matchups. If I have some time, I’ll figure out the last time an SEC team traveled to California for something other than a bowl game.

10:00: New Mexico @ UTEP (CSTV): Miners? I guess? Gah.

10:15: Idaho @ Southern Cal (FSN): 7:15 pacific, so I’ll probably watch it.

4:00: Texas Tech @ Southern Methodist (ESPN): I’ll be at work.

8:00: Florida State @ Clemson (ESPN): Bowden Bowl! Clemson, with a stable of running backs should be able to take out Papa Bowden.

Well, that was mediocre. Trust me when I say I’m pretty excited about the interesting games (especially ours) but outside of that it’s a bleak slate. Alas! What is important is that the college football season is finally here!

Rating the Non-Conference Slate, Part 5: Pac-10

It’s time, kids, for the round-up of the wondrous conference with only 3 OOC games.

So, without further delay, I give you my completely subjective and arbitrary rankings of the Pacific 10’s out of conference schedules:

  1. Southern Cal (2 legit, 0 DI-AA): Idaho, @Nebraska, @Notre Dame. Even if USC kills Nebraska, the Pac-10’s crown jewel has 2 non-conference road games against marquee teams.
  2. Washington (2, 0): @Syracuse, Boise State, Ohio State. Home game with OSU is huge, and they also go across the country to the Carrier Dome. Boise State isn’t terrible either.
  3. Oregon (1, 0): Houston, @Michigan, Fresno State. Once again, another team wishes Fresno didn’t suck last year. Houston didn’t, which helps, but the biggest thing here is the away game in Ann Arbor.
  4. Washington State (1, 0): @Wisconsin, San Diego State, Idaho. SDSU is at a “neutral” site (Seattle), and the Idaho game is once again in Pullman, shockingly! (Not.) @Wisconsin is the beef here.
  5. California (1, 0): Tennessee, @Colorado State, Louisiana Tech. Rematch of last year’s debacle in Knoxville, and they also play a Mountain West team on the road for some reason. A solid 5 spot for the Bears.
  6. UCLA (1, 0): BYU, @Utah, Notre Dame. ND also has lots of games against Pac-10 teams for whatever reason. UCLA also hits the Utah circuit but resisted the temptation to schedule Utah State.
  7. Stanford (1, 0): San Jose State, Texas Christian, Notre Dame. Notre Dame again. SJSU makes the 30 minute drive up the 101 to Palo Alto. TCU isn’t terrible, but this lacks the meat of the WSU, Cal, and UCLA schedules.
  8. Arizona State (0, 0): San Jose State, Colorado, San Diego State. ASU shouldn’t need to use their fine ladies to distract these three teams. The key word there is “shouldn’t”.
  9. Oregon State (0, 1): Utah, @Cincinnati, Idaho State. One of only two Pac-10 teams to schedule a DI-AA team. Not exactly inspiring DI-A choices, either. Could switch places easily with ASU due to having to go on the road, though.
  10. Arizona (0, 1): @BYU, Northern Arizona, New Mexico. Ugh. @BYU is decent, but canceled out by being one of only 2 Pac-10 teams to schedule a DI-AA team.

So, yeah, I goofed in my original writeup that only 1 Pac-10 team scheduled a DI-AA team: I forgot to count Idaho State as DI-AA. My bad. Anyway, within a few days the last remaining conference should be posted, the SEC. And I’ll follow that up with a summary and my final thoughts. Until then…