Rating the Non-Conference Slate, Part 5: Pac-10

It’s time, kids, for the round-up of the wondrous conference with only 3 OOC games.

So, without further delay, I give you my completely subjective and arbitrary rankings of the Pacific 10’s out of conference schedules:

  1. Southern Cal (2 legit, 0 DI-AA): Idaho, @Nebraska, @Notre Dame. Even if USC kills Nebraska, the Pac-10’s crown jewel has 2 non-conference road games against marquee teams.
  2. Washington (2, 0): @Syracuse, Boise State, Ohio State. Home game with OSU is huge, and they also go across the country to the Carrier Dome. Boise State isn’t terrible either.
  3. Oregon (1, 0): Houston, @Michigan, Fresno State. Once again, another team wishes Fresno didn’t suck last year. Houston didn’t, which helps, but the biggest thing here is the away game in Ann Arbor.
  4. Washington State (1, 0): @Wisconsin, San Diego State, Idaho. SDSU is at a “neutral” site (Seattle), and the Idaho game is once again in Pullman, shockingly! (Not.) @Wisconsin is the beef here.
  5. California (1, 0): Tennessee, @Colorado State, Louisiana Tech. Rematch of last year’s debacle in Knoxville, and they also play a Mountain West team on the road for some reason. A solid 5 spot for the Bears.
  6. UCLA (1, 0): BYU, @Utah, Notre Dame. ND also has lots of games against Pac-10 teams for whatever reason. UCLA also hits the Utah circuit but resisted the temptation to schedule Utah State.
  7. Stanford (1, 0): San Jose State, Texas Christian, Notre Dame. Notre Dame again. SJSU makes the 30 minute drive up the 101 to Palo Alto. TCU isn’t terrible, but this lacks the meat of the WSU, Cal, and UCLA schedules.
  8. Arizona State (0, 0): San Jose State, Colorado, San Diego State. ASU shouldn’t need to use their fine ladies to distract these three teams. The key word there is “shouldn’t”.
  9. Oregon State (0, 1): Utah, @Cincinnati, Idaho State. One of only two Pac-10 teams to schedule a DI-AA team. Not exactly inspiring DI-A choices, either. Could switch places easily with ASU due to having to go on the road, though.
  10. Arizona (0, 1): @BYU, Northern Arizona, New Mexico. Ugh. @BYU is decent, but canceled out by being one of only 2 Pac-10 teams to schedule a DI-AA team.

So, yeah, I goofed in my original writeup that only 1 Pac-10 team scheduled a DI-AA team: I forgot to count Idaho State as DI-AA. My bad. Anyway, within a few days the last remaining conference should be posted, the SEC. And I’ll follow that up with a summary and my final thoughts. Until then…

One thought on “Rating the Non-Conference Slate, Part 5: Pac-10

  1. Tito

    Considering Boise State’s upset of Oklahoma and Ohio State’s national title attempt, I’d wonder if Washington should be ranked above USC.

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