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Bowl Games: Dessert

Well, since it seems Hawaii is completely outmatched by UGA, it’s time to get the last 5 games out o the way. As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.

  • Oklahoma vs. West Virginia, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Jan. 2, 8:00, FOX): It’s hard to get a read on these teams as they head into this game. West Virginia certainly backed their way into the post-season, as the vaunted Slaton-White duo looked pretty flat. I like Oklahoma here not because of anything they do particularly well, but just because of how West Virginia looked against Pitt.
  • Virginia Tech vs. Kansas, FedEx Orange Bowl (Jan. 3, 8:00, FOX): I really don’t give KU much of a chance here. They lost to the only other decent opponent they’ve played all year and I think Virginia Tech is just as good, if not better, than Missouri.
  • Ball State vs. Rutgers, International Bowl (Jan. 5, 12:00, ESPN2): Lost in the shuffle of bowl season, there are so many bowls that they have to squeeze a couple in between the BCS games. At any rate, as long as Rutgers bothers to show up they should win easily.
  • Bowling Green vs. Tulsa, GMAC Bowl (Jan. 6, 8:00, ESPN): A few years ago, I might’ve liked BGSU here, but the C-USA runner-ups are almost certainly better.
  • Ohio State vs. Louisiana State, BCS National Championship Game (Jan. 7, 8:00, FOX): And here we go. Some observers may say that OSU should be favored here due to being number 1, but let’s face it – Ohio State is ranked first only because they had the good sense to lose 3-4 weeks before everyone else finished their season. I don’t like LSU because Florida won last year, I like LSU because they’re a good football team who are, in my mind, the cream of the two-loss crop.

Anyway, it’s been a crazy year kids. My next football related item will probably be my out-of-conference schedule round-up, which will hopefully be a lot less depressing than it was last year.