Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bowl Games: Dessert

Well, since it seems Hawaii is completely outmatched by UGA, it's time to get the last 5 games out o the way. As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.
  • Oklahoma vs. West Virginia, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Jan. 2, 8:00, FOX): It's hard to get a read on these teams as they head into this game. West Virginia certainly backed their way into the post-season, as the vaunted Slaton-White duo looked pretty flat. I like Oklahoma here not because of anything they do particularly well, but just because of how West Virginia looked against Pitt.
  • Virginia Tech vs. Kansas, FedEx Orange Bowl (Jan. 3, 8:00, FOX): I really don't give KU much of a chance here. They lost to the only other decent opponent they've played all year and I think Virginia Tech is just as good, if not better, than Missouri.
  • Ball State vs. Rutgers, International Bowl (Jan. 5, 12:00, ESPN2): Lost in the shuffle of bowl season, there are so many bowls that they have to squeeze a couple in between the BCS games. At any rate, as long as Rutgers bothers to show up they should win easily.
  • Bowling Green vs. Tulsa, GMAC Bowl (Jan. 6, 8:00, ESPN): A few years ago, I might've liked BGSU here, but the C-USA runner-ups are almost certainly better.
  • Ohio State vs. Louisiana State, BCS National Championship Game (Jan. 7, 8:00, FOX): And here we go. Some observers may say that OSU should be favored here due to being number 1, but let's face it - Ohio State is ranked first only because they had the good sense to lose 3-4 weeks before everyone else finished their season. I don't like LSU because Florida won last year, I like LSU because they're a good football team who are, in my mind, the cream of the two-loss crop.
Anyway, it's been a crazy year kids. My next football related item will probably be my out-of-conference schedule round-up, which will hopefully be a lot less depressing than it was last year.

It's Ovah!

While possibly referring to Georgia Tech's 2007 campaign, I'm mainly writing this to point out that my prediction contest with my brother will end in a tie, since we've both picked 10 games correctly and we've picked the same teams from here on out. Ah well.