Monthly Archives: February 2007

Basketball update

GT has looked decidedly less lost lately, winning 5 of the last 6 games. Today we go on the road to UVA, and winning the game would dramatically enhance our NCAA tournament prospects. A loss means we would have to beat UNC AND BC next week at home – which is possible since we play really well at home, but pretty unlikely.

The game today is at 3:30 EST on ABC if anyone actually reads this.


Hey kids.

I’m getting back on my feet here in California. Meanwhile, back on the east coast things haven’t been going terribly peachy for the ole college team.

I was so depressed after our bowl loss I didn’t even post about how Tito, Ehren, and I did on the bowl predictions. I didn’t end terribly well, though. Checking the ESPN league for this site, and Ehren finished first with 349 points, then Tito with 339, and me bringing up DFL with 314 points. Going by straight up winners and losers, Tito and I tied by getting 11 of 32 wrong, while Ehren got 12 wrong. None of us picked Florida to win.

After that, Tech basketball started to look up. Despite losing their best offensive threat in Lewis Clinch, Tech beat Duke and FSU. Then they went on the road to Chapel Hill and things started to go terribly, terribly wrong. Tech seems lost on the court right now, especially our freshman point guard. At 2-6 in the ACC, this season is probably lost, and, well, if we can’t beat Wake Forest, who can we beat? Even if we get our collective shit together, I’d say best-case we finish 7-9 in the ACC.

Expect a Braves preview sometime later this month. Updates will probably be sparse until March, when my second favorite time of the year hits.