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Bowl Games: Part VI, The Last One

Here we go, the close of the 2008 college football season. As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.

  • Oklahoma vs. Florida, BCS National Championship (@Miami, FL; 8:00 PM, FOX): This is it. While I am a playoff proponent, it’s hard not to get excited about the potential of this game. In fact, the main problem I have right now is that this game takes place too late, to be completely honest. A Thursday? Really? What time will they start in Pasadena next year? At 5:00 PM in LA both teams are liable to still be on the bus. Anyway, about this game. Like I said, I’m excited about the potential of this game, but I think Florida is the better team and have picked them accordingly.

Following this weekend or next week, a wrap-up of bowl season.

Bowl Games: Part V, The Run-Up

With 10 games in two days out of the way, it’s time go down the home stretch to the national title game. As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong:

Friday (note that these are all after the fact reflections, since I was lazy/busy)

  • Texas Tech vs. Mississippi, Cotton Bowl (@Dallas, TX; 2:00 PM, FOX): How the hell did Texas Tech get owned in this game? It makes no sense. I don’t even want to think about it.
  • East Carolina vs. Kentucky, Liberty Bowl (@Memphis, TN; 5:00 PM, ESPN): I’m pretty much on a 3 day losing streak at this point. The last predictions I got right was Kansas over Minnesota, and I missed everything else on the 31st. Ugh.
  • Alabama vs. Utah, Sugar Bowl (@New Orleans, LA; 8:00 PM, FOX): Watching this right now. Utah jumped out to a big lead but Bama just pulled within a score. I think Bama can still come back and run away with this, but going in I thought it would be pretty close. So yeah. I wouldn’t be upset to be wrong about this one, that’s for sure.


  • Buffalo vs. Connecticut, International Bowl (@Toronto, ON, CA; 12:00 PM, ESPN2): Hey, it’s the International Bowl! Maybe I’ll actually get to see it this year (since I missed it previously due to traveling). UConn should win this, but the way things are going for me right now, who knows?


  • Texas vs. Ohio State, Fiesta Bowl (@Glendale, AZ; 8:00 PM, FOX): Probably the best of the remaining bowls, this should provide an interesting game between two teams who did not have their seasons go quite the way they wanted. I really think Texas is more talented than OSU, but it will probably really hinge on how they’ve handled the let down of not being in the title game.


  • Ball State vs. Tulsa, GMAC Bowl (@Mobile, AL; 8:00 PM, ESPN): It’s the Disappointment Bowl! Ball State was undefated, and then lost in their conference championship game. Tulsa was also undefeated until they played Arkansas late in the year, and then should’ve beaten a very moribund East Carolina in the C-USA title game. In other words, both these teams probably expected more. I also think Tulsa is light years more talented than Ball State and should win this one by a couple of scores.

Next up, national title game predictions!

Bowl Games: Part IV, 1/1

Happy New Year! Suffice it to say that I don’t really want to talk about football right now, but I’ll try. Here’s today’s games. As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong:

  • Iowa vs. South Carolina, Outback Bowl (@Tampla, FL; 11:00 AM, ESPN): I just refuse to believe Iowa is that good or that South Carolina is that bad. Hopefully The Visor spent the past few weeks coaching instead instead of playing golf.
  • Clemson vs. Nebraska, Gator Bowl (@Jacksonville, FL; 2:00 PM, CBS): Why is Clemson here? I have no idea; FSU definitely got shafted. That said, I can at least appreciate the “logic” of Clemson being here (hot end to the season) and I think that gives them an edge over the Huskers.
  • Georgia vs. Michigan State, Capital One Bowl (@Orlando, FL; 1:00 PM, ABC): I mostly picked the Spartans out of spite, and after last night I’m really hoping this holds up.
  • Pennsylvania State vs. Southern California, Rose Bowl (@Pasadena, CA; 4:30 PM, ABC): Despite the hype, this probably really is the best game of the day. In the end, though, I don’t know if Penn State can score enough against USC to keep up. My generic guess is that it’s close at the half and then USC pulls away late in the 3rd quarter.
  • Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati, Orange Bowl (@Miami, FL; 8:30 PM, FOX): Unless you’re a huge college football fan or a fan of either team I can’t think much of a reason to watch this game. I also hope the ACC can avoid embarassment in their latest BCS effort and win won for once.

I’ll be back later today or early tomorrow to bring you all the rest of the pre-national title game picks.