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Rating the 2010 Non-Conference Slate, Part 5: Pacific 10

In part 5 of our on-going series, we examine the Pac-10, traditionally a strong OOC scheduling bunch. Hopefully that remain with the Pac-11 next year and the Pac-12 the year after.

  1. Washington (1.75 legit, 0 DI-AA): @Brigham Young, Syracuse, Nebraska. If Washington is looking to have a breakout season, this schedule can both help and hinder them. Beat two out of three of these teams, and U-Dub makes a statement. While no one would fault them for losing to both BYU and Nebraska, those two losses don’t help them get back to a bowl. Oh, and I bet Jake Locker and co. remember that BYU loss from two years ago.
  2. Oregon State (1.75, 0): N-Texas Christian, Louisville, @Boise State. I would consider this a tie with Washington’s schedule honestly. This I think the main reason it isn’t is because Nebraska trumps both TCU and Boise, but not by much (in terms of the criteria used to rank these schedules, at least). A great schedule for a Pac-10 title contender, going toe-to-toe with two mid-major hopefuls.
  3. California-Los Angeles (1.25, 0): @Kansas State, Houston, @Texas. While last year’s 6-6 rebuilding job may not have ended the football monopoly in Los Angeles, this schedule provides some chances to go above that mark even with a middle-of-the-pack finish in the Pac-10. Of course, we can go ahead and mark Texas in the loss column, so that leaves a very winnable K-State game and a Houston game that I believe is a toss-up.
  4. Stanford (1.25, 1): Sacramento State, Wake Forest, @Notre Dame. This schedule checks off the “required OOC teams” check boxes pretty well, and may have even been a great schedule for Stanford in the recent past. However, this Stanford team has Rose Bowl aspirations (hey, they make it about once every ten years, so it’s that time again) and so dates with Sacramento State and Wake Forest don’t seem that great anymore.
  5. Oregon (1, 1): New Mexico, Tennessee, Portland State. Well, we have Tennessee’s bi-annual West Coast roadtrip, but outside of that this schedule is pretty “meh”. It’s pretty much downhill from here.
  6. Southern California (0.75, 0): @Hawaii, Virginia, @Minnesota. Well, the date at Hawaii this Thursday will be this year’s bowl game for the Trojans. This is a pretty apropos for this year’s edition, though, feature games that even this decimated squad should be able to handle.
  7. Washington State (0.75, 1): @Oklahoma State, Montana State, @Southern Methodist. I’m not sure what’s worse, the schedule, or the fact that Wazzou could lose all three of these games and I wouldn’t be terribly surprised.
  8. Arizona (0.75, 1): @Toledo, Citadel, Iowa. I’m going to go on a limb and say that Arizona probably won’t suffer the same fate Colorado did at Toledo last year. As for the rest, they’ll probably lose to Iowa. I guess. Hey, at least they’re not last! Yes that’s right folks – after embarrassing schedules in 2007, 2008, and 2009 Arizona has risen out of the gutter, though apparently this is because we massively underrated Iowa last year.
  9. Arizona State (0.75, 2): Portland State, Northern Arizona, @Wisconsin. Two DI-AA schools? Really? Most of your conference comrades don’t even have one yet you have the audacity to schedule two. Why there oughta be a law… anyway, at least they bothered to make the third game a game against a BCS conference team.
  10. California (0.25, 1): California-Davis, Colorado, @Nevada. Well, they do have the game out in Reno, which is kind of interesting, and also a content against future conference mate Colorado, but there’s not really a lot of meat on these bones. Though they should probably be ranked above Arizona State just on principle, but hey, rules are rules.

Anyway, next time we’ll take a look at the SEC, and then hopefully wrap it all up before Thursday! 

    Rating the 2009 Non-Conference Slate, Part 5: Pac-10

    Oh yeah, I was doing this schedule preview thing. Let’s get this over with, starting with the Pacific 10, land of the 10-team round-robin schedule.

    1. Southern California (2 legit, 0 DI-AA): San Jose State, @Ohio State, @Notre Dame. This schedule doesn’t pull any punches, with two major road trips to the Midwest. USC-OSU will be essential to each team’s fate, with the loser probably lacking a good enough conference slate behind them to prop them up later in the year. (It would also serve USC well to stop getting upset in-conference, but that’s outside the scope of this article.)
    2. Oregon (2, 0): @Boise State, Purdue, Utah. Oregon ventures onto the blue turf in a crucial early matchup for both. (In fact, it’s one of the earliest games of the season, and frankly probably more appealing than the other big first Thursday matchup, South Carolina-NC State.) Oregon’s scheduling march doesn’t end there, with games against Purdue and Utah. These three matchups, combined, almost rivaled USC-OSU, but I still had to give the nod to USC. Maybe I’ve just been watching too much ESPN. (Oh snap!)
    3. Washington (2, 0): Louisiana State, Idaho, @Notre Dame. LSU-UDub would ordinarily be an interesting intersectional matchup, but let’s face it, Washington could well go 0-3 against this slate if they play like they did last year. (As Dr. Saturday pointed out, Washington had one of the toughest schedules in the country last year, mainly because they could not play themselves.) This is also the 2nd of 4 Pac-10 matchups with Notre Dame.
    4. Stanford (1.75, 0): @Wake Forest, San Jose State, Notre Dame. The Caltrain series returns this year, but will the Gridiron Gauruntee? Not that it seemed to help, based on their attendance numbers.
    5. California-Los Angeles (1.5, 0): San Diego State, @Tennessee, Kansas State. UCLA’s probably in for a bit of culture shock when they head to Knoxville, but their attempt to end the monopoly on LA Football isn’t really bolstered by a home slate of inept SD State and K-State.
    6. Washginton State (1, 0): Hawaii, Southern Methodist, N-Notre Dame. It’s Washington State! It’s Notre Dame! It’s in…. San Antonio? Apparently this is just the first in a series of Notre Dame’s take on a barnstorming tour, with upcoming games in the Meadowlands and Dublin, apparently. Anyway, as for Wazzou, well, unlike their cross-state partners in crime, it’s possible for them to go somewhere other than up, since they had a win and all.
    7. California (1, 1): Maryland, Eastern Washington, @Minnesota. This schedule is good in name only. I’m having a hard time getting excited about UMD and UMN, but at least they’re trying!
    8. Arizona State (1, 1): Idaho State, Louisiana-Monroe, @Georgia. Arizona makes the return trip to Athens, which in UGA’s conference would probably give them a high ranking schedule. Not so in the Pac-10! That said, in a perfect world this would be a pretty weak schedule, with Arizona’s other slots being taken up by a Sun Belt team and Idaho State (because apparently just regular Idaho wasn’t bad enough). Anyway, the drop-off after this is really noticable.
    9. Oregon State (0.75, 1): Portland State, @Nevada-Las Vegas, Cincinnati. Outside of the random roadtrip to Vegas, not much here. Well, at least Cincy is better than Iowa. Which leads us to…
    10. Arizona (0.25, 1): Central Michigan, Northern Arizona, @Iowa. Probably not as bad as last year’s debacle, but still, this schedule is weak by any standard, and especially so in the Pac-10.

    Well, that concludes everyone’s favorite major conference west of the Rockies. Next, we wrap up with the SEC and perhaps a conclusion article. ETA: Sometime before the beginning of the season. Until then!


    As you all probably know, USC lost to Oregon State. Again.

    What does this mean for the Trojans? Well, the upside for them is that if they can win-out, they can sneak back in. The downside is that the rest of the Pac-10 has gotten slaughtered for the most part out-of-conference and their strength of schedule will not be what they expected.

    Another plus is that the SEC can’t send two teams to the national title game.

    I can’t say I know exactly why Oklahoma is number 2, it definitely looks like they and UGA (or whoever comes out of the SEC mostly unscathed) are in the driver’s seat for the national title.

    Coverage of this weekend’s games will be up later today.

    Rating the 2008 Non-Conference Slate, Part 5: Pac-10

    Today, we take on some of college football’s strongest schedules in everyone’s favorite 3 OOC game league, the Pacific 10. As a conference, the Pac-10 has the best average scheduling and they also have the fewest number of games versus DI-AA opponents with two.

    1. Southern California (2.75 legit, 0 D-IAA): @Virginia, Ohio State, Notre Dame. This is probably the best OOC schedule in the country this year. While we have no reason to think that Virginia or Notre Dame will be very good this year, they’re still better than, say, your average WAC team. Oh, and yeah, there’s that whole “Ohio State” thing that makes for probably the most interesting inter-sectional game of the year. USC deserves props for putting together this schedule at any rate, and using their OOC games as a national power should.
    2. Washington (2.5, 0): Brigham Young, Oklahoma, Notre Dame. While no one is exactly jumping with joy over playing Washington, this is still a pretty good schedule. Two legitimate games and BYU usually isn’t a pushover. Unfortunately for Washington, they’re entirely likely to go 0-3 against this schedule. Oh, and also they’re apparently trying to change their awesomely out-of-date fight song. I mean, how can you go wrong with lines like The boys are there with bells / Their fighting blood excels / It’s harder to push them across the the line than to cross the Dardanelles. (Just to make it clear, I am not being sarcastic here.)
    3. Oregon State (2.25, 0): @Pennsylvania State, Hawaii, @Utah. We’re taking a break from the 2 BCS team schedules here to bring one that’s still pretty darn strong. Two road games, one surprising at Utah, but still. While OSU should still win 2/3 of here, it’s not a terrible schedule by any means.
    4. California-Los Angeles (2, 0): Fresno State, Tennessee, @Brigham Young. Did Fresno regain their mojo last year? While an early test at Rutgers will tell a lot, they also play the boys from LA which should be a demonstration of whether either team made progress. UCLA also has Tennessee’s Annual West Coast Road Trip and a date in Provo that makes this a darn good schedule.
    5. California (1.5, 0): Michigan State, @Maryland, Colorado State. While this schedule lacks the sex appeal of some of the earlier schedules without a “name” big conference opponent, it’s still got plenty of meat, especially if CSU doesn’t suck this year.
    6. Oregon (1.5, 0): Utah State, @Purdue, Boise State. This is where it starts to go a little downhill, but for most conferences that usually happens much earlier than at 6th place. Still, good inter-sectional matchup over in West Lafayette and a BCS team playing Boise State is always intriguing. Still, Utah State pretty much sucks.
    7. Arizona State (1, 1): Northern Arizona, Nevada-Los Vegas, Georgia. Nothing to write home about here, except for, oh, yeah, the first time the University of Georgia has traveled west of Arkansas or Louisiana or north of the Ohio River for a (regular season) football game since 1965. Should be interesting, at any rate. The rest of this schedule sucks, as ASU is one of only 2 Pac-10 teams to play a DI-AA team.
    8. Washington State (1, 1): N-Oklahoma State, @Baylor, Portland State. And here’s the other! While this technically features 2 BCS teams, one of them is Baylor. The OSU game will be in Seattle as well, presumably to sell more tickets to Oklahoma State fans. I’ve put the “N” next to it, but I suspect the game will technically a “home” game for Wazzou.
    9. Stanford (1, 0): @Texas Christian, @San Jose State, @Notre Dame. Fun fact: Stanford managed to have a schedule with only four home games on it. Stanford football, catch the fever! (Just not in Palo Alto.) Maybe I should try going to the Stanford@SJSU game just for the heck of it.
    10. Arizona (0, 0): Idaho, Toledo, @New Mexico. This is usually where I rail against terrible schedules, and well, I’m going to do it again. This schedule is terrible. Even though they play no DI-AA teams, and Toledo and New Mexico aren’t terrible, every other team in this conference managed to play at least one BCS team from somewhere on their schedule, and the best you could do was this? Shame you on, Arizona.

    Next, we’ll wrap up the detailed overview part of this series with the SEC.

    Rating the Non-Conference Slate, Part 5: Pac-10

    It’s time, kids, for the round-up of the wondrous conference with only 3 OOC games.

    So, without further delay, I give you my completely subjective and arbitrary rankings of the Pacific 10’s out of conference schedules:

    1. Southern Cal (2 legit, 0 DI-AA): Idaho, @Nebraska, @Notre Dame. Even if USC kills Nebraska, the Pac-10’s crown jewel has 2 non-conference road games against marquee teams.
    2. Washington (2, 0): @Syracuse, Boise State, Ohio State. Home game with OSU is huge, and they also go across the country to the Carrier Dome. Boise State isn’t terrible either.
    3. Oregon (1, 0): Houston, @Michigan, Fresno State. Once again, another team wishes Fresno didn’t suck last year. Houston didn’t, which helps, but the biggest thing here is the away game in Ann Arbor.
    4. Washington State (1, 0): @Wisconsin, San Diego State, Idaho. SDSU is at a “neutral” site (Seattle), and the Idaho game is once again in Pullman, shockingly! (Not.) @Wisconsin is the beef here.
    5. California (1, 0): Tennessee, @Colorado State, Louisiana Tech. Rematch of last year’s debacle in Knoxville, and they also play a Mountain West team on the road for some reason. A solid 5 spot for the Bears.
    6. UCLA (1, 0): BYU, @Utah, Notre Dame. ND also has lots of games against Pac-10 teams for whatever reason. UCLA also hits the Utah circuit but resisted the temptation to schedule Utah State.
    7. Stanford (1, 0): San Jose State, Texas Christian, Notre Dame. Notre Dame again. SJSU makes the 30 minute drive up the 101 to Palo Alto. TCU isn’t terrible, but this lacks the meat of the WSU, Cal, and UCLA schedules.
    8. Arizona State (0, 0): San Jose State, Colorado, San Diego State. ASU shouldn’t need to use their fine ladies to distract these three teams. The key word there is “shouldn’t”.
    9. Oregon State (0, 1): Utah, @Cincinnati, Idaho State. One of only two Pac-10 teams to schedule a DI-AA team. Not exactly inspiring DI-A choices, either. Could switch places easily with ASU due to having to go on the road, though.
    10. Arizona (0, 1): @BYU, Northern Arizona, New Mexico. Ugh. @BYU is decent, but canceled out by being one of only 2 Pac-10 teams to schedule a DI-AA team.

    So, yeah, I goofed in my original writeup that only 1 Pac-10 team scheduled a DI-AA team: I forgot to count Idaho State as DI-AA. My bad. Anyway, within a few days the last remaining conference should be posted, the SEC. And I’ll follow that up with a summary and my final thoughts. Until then…