This Week in College Football: Week 13

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.



  • Iowa State @ Texas (ABC): Well, Rivalry Week isn’t what should be this year, but what is this year? 2020. Anyway, this could be be a fun one… provided Texas doesn’t play well and plays up/down to their opposition as usual. I have the Longhorns here.
  • Massachusetts @ Liberty (

1:00: Nebraska @ Iowa (“The Heroes Game”; FOX): Well, none of the actual Big Ten rivalries are being played this weekend, but hey we’ll take the manufactured one. That said, should be Iowa all the way here.

3:30: Central Florida @ South Florida (“The War in I-4”; ESPN): UCF by a mile.


  • Wyoming @ Nevada-Las Vegas (FS1): We’ll get to the more interesting games here in a bit, but first this should a chance to get a good luck as some up-and-comers. I have Wyoming here.
  • Central Michigan @ Eastern Michigan (CBSS): Even the MAC isn’t playing their top-line rivalries. I usually associated most big rivalries more with Thanksgiving weekend than being the last game of the season, but I guess outside of the SEC many conferences don’t see it that way. Maybe that’s an indication of where I’m from more than anything else. That said, in this game, I’ve got Central here.

4:30: Stanford @ California (“The Big Game; FOX): Ah, here we go, some rivalries! Stanford has… not been good this year. Neither has Cal really, as they’re both 0-2! I just still like their chances better.

7:30: Oregon @ Oregon State (ESPN): This game is, understandably, looking for a new name. In the meantime, I think this could actually be close. We’ll find out how good Oregon actually is. I expect the Ducks will win, but it may be closer than they’d prefer.