This Weekend in College Football: Week 13

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Pennsylvania State @ Michigan (ABC): Whoo boy, what to make of this game of the country’s largest combined set of missed expectations? I have no idea, and neither do you, but I do like Michigan’s chances for some reason? I can’t really articulate why, but that’s where I’m at.
  • Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (FOX): Also, a quick programming note. After this weekend’s games, since it’s supposed to be Rivalry Week and all, I’ll take a stab at the bowl predictions. But I have as of yet not even done the base amount of research needed to determine if that’s something I can even reasonably predict as of yet. Otherwise they may only appear in their final form where I predict the games. Anyway, for this game Oklahoma State should be able to move on from Bedlam sufficiently to beat Texas Tech.
  • Kentucky @ Florida (ESPN): Today has like two SEC games that are normally played in, like, September and always generate an enormous amount of overreaction. Oh, right, because Florida should be playing Florida State this weekend. So dumb. Anyway, Florida should roll.
  • Maryland @ Indiana (ESPN2): Maryland’s much more, well, game this year but the Hoosiers appear to have taken the next step. Indiana all the way.
  • Bowling Green @ Ohio (ESPNU): Ohio, sure, why not?
  • Vanderbilt @ Missouri (SEC): Well, Mizzou should win, but Vandy’s Sarah Fuller could make history if she sees game action in this game. (Of course, I haven’t seen if Vandy has any other kickers on the roster that made the trip to Columbia. Like, we should have a pretty good idea if she’s going to kick or not!)
  • Kent State @ Buffalo (CBSS): Buffs, sure, I haven’t had any time to watch MACtion this year, and it sure does show on this one time they’re actually playing on the weekend.
  • North Carolina State @ Syracuse (ACCN): I have to assume NC State will win this game, because otherwise I don’t know know anything.
  • Ball State @ Toledo (
  • Georgia Southern @ Georgia State (“Modern Day Hate”;
  • Northern Illinois @ Western Michigan (ESPN+)
  • Southern Methodist @ East Carolina (ESPN+)


  • Texas-El Paso @ Rice (
  • Miami @ Akron (


  • North Texas @ Texas-San Antonio (Stadium)
  • Louisiana @ Louisiana-Monroe (“Battle on the Bayou”;
  • South Alabama @ Arkansas State (
  • Coastal Carolina @ Texas State (ESPN+)


  • Auburn @ Alabama (“The Iron Bowl”; CBS): Well, the SEC at least knows how to play its within-conference rivalry games. This is a game that is as close to my heart as any rivalry game, having grown up in Alabama cheering for the Tigers. I don’t particularly have any affection for the Plainsmen anymore, but I still want them to beat Bama just ’cause (also, it would completely through the college football universe into chaos). That said, well, I can’t predict them to beat Bama, that just doesn’t make sense.
  • Pittsburgh @ Clemson (ABC): The college football Internet definitely isn’t saying nearly as much about the Pitt Superweapon at this point… but that’s just the right time for them to strike! Well, I mean, probably not unless like Trevor Lawrence is just incredibly rusty and throws 5 picks or something.
  • Northwestern @ Michigan State (ESPN): Northwestern are Big Ten frontrunners, so they should be able to easily dispatch Sparty, right? Right?
  • Troy @ Appalachian State (ESPN2): I don’t have a good read on this game. I’ll be honest, even for Saturdays I’ve been doing tailwheel training and haven’t been watching as many games as I normally would be. But! This Saturday, I will be on the couch, with multiple screens. And while my gut tells me App State is the favorite here, well, I’ll probably have this on at some point.


  • San Jose State @ Boise State (FOX): San Jose has definitely been better this year, but Boise is still the team to beat in the Mountain West until proven otherwise.
  • Rutgers @ Purdue (FS1): I think Rutgers might be a favorite in this game? I dunno, that feels weird to say, so I’ll stick Purdue.
  • Mississippi State @ Mississippi (“The Egg Bowl”; SEC): OOH BOY NOW HERE’S A RIVALRY GAME. So much in Mississippi rides on this game. Plus, you’ve got two fresh new coaches, and Miss State finally showed signs of life last week against Georgia. Meanwhile, Ole Miss plays offense with record-setting abandon and an enthusiasm inversely proportional to how they play defense. This game should rightfully be at night instead of in the afternoon, ’cause this one is gonna be LIT y’all. I’ll take Ole Miss to win on some crazy play like a Hail Mary at the end.
  • Louisville @ Boston College (ACCN): BC? Sure, yeah, that sounds right.

5:00: San Diego State @ Colorado (Pac12): Don’t let anyone tell you that college football can’t schedule something on short notice. This is also the first game on the Pac-12 Network all year! Huh. Anyway, the Aztecs figure to give the Buffs some trouble in this game, but I’ll still favor the Buffs here.


  • Louisiana State @ Texas A&M (ESPN): Let’s not forget too quickly. Yes, LSU blew the doors off ’em last year. But just two years ago (just two!) was the game that caused the NCAA to change the overtime rules after five overtimes because they went to seven (7!) overtimes before LSU won. And then there was a fracas afterward! I’m telling y’all, this may not be a formal rivalry yet, but I think this game has all the makings of one. That said, LSU is kinda bad this year and TAMU isn’t, so I think the Aggies may be able to exact some revenge.
  • Kansas State @ Baylor (ESPN2): This is a game that you could watch, but I wouldn’t. I like… K-State? Sure.
  • Memphis @ Navy (CBSS): At this point, Navy should be able to run over, around, and through Memphis and win this.
  • Duke @ Georgia Tech (ACC/RSN): Hey, we’re probably back in action today! Finally! While Duke is one of our longest running opponents (3rd all time behind Georgia and Auburn), it still stings a little that we could travel to play in upstate New York this season but not host a team like an hour drive away. Absolutely asinine. At any rate, I hope that we’ve had a chance to lick our wounds and examine some of the things that have gone wrong on the season as it looks like it will resume from this point.


  • Utah @ Washington (ABC): Speaking of Pac-12 scheduling ingenuity, it’s not the Apple Cup, but it’s a game that will actually probably be harder for the Huskies, but I’ll still favor them to win.
  • Georgia @ South Carolina (SEC): We won’t play them this year, but them losing this game is always hilarious and also, just in general: TO HELL WITH GEORGIA.


  • Arizona @ California-Los Angeles (FOX): Zona isn’t very good, so I’ll go with UCLA, which after three years actually seems to kinda-sorta be running a Chip Kelly offense?
  • Texas Christian @ Kansas (FS1): TCU.
  • Virginia @ Florida State (ACCN): FSU is not good and they will lose this game.

11:00: Nevada @ Hawaii (Team1Sports)