This Weekend in College Football: Week 12

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Clemson @ Florida State (ABC): Like with many of their ACC rivals, this there was a time when this game was a circle-it-on-the-calendar event. Not anymore. Clemson should wax the ‘Noles.
  • Indiana @ Ohio State (FOX): I WANT TO BELIEVE… that Indiana can be competitive in this game. But Ohio State is just, like, really good.
  • Florida @ Vanderbilt (ESPN): Gators all the way in this one.
  • Appalachian State @ Coastal Carolina (ESPN2): Here’s the real intrigue for the noontime slot. App State has long been the emblem of fun G5 football that occasionally pokes one of the big boys in the eye. This game could well be the passing of a torch, or at a minimum the announcement that App now has more company in that tier. I like Coastal here.
  • Illinois @ Nebraska (FS1): I think Nebraska might win this one?
  • Arkansas State @ Texas State (ESPNU): Y’all, it’s been a long week. In addition to, well, everything else, I’ve also been dealing with ants. They are very annoying, and I have bought strong chemicals in attempt to convince them to go away. Hopefully that works. In meantime, I have no idea who’s going to win this game. I’ll go with the Bobcats at home.
  • Louisiana State @ Arkansas (SEC): Y’all… y’all… Arkansas might win this game.
  • Georgia Southern @ Army (CBSS): Triple option versus triple option! Southern doesn’t seem all that good this year, though, so I’ll take Army.
  • East Carolina @ Temple (ESPN+)


  • Rice @ North Texas (
  • Florida International @ Western Kentucky (

3:00: Texas-San Antonio @ Southern Mississippi (ESPN+)


  • Wisconsin @ Northwestern (ABC): Northwestern is currently undefeated. Unless this game gets called off after we go to print, they will not be after this game.
  • San Diego State @ Nevada (CBS): That’s right, we’ve got the Mountain West on the prime CBS afternoon slot! (And you thought the Masters being on last weekend was weird.) So this one could well be pretty interesting. Nevada may be back after a few years in the wilderness, while SDSU has been a MWC power for most of the past decade. This one could be fun, but I’ll stick with the Aztecs.
  • Cincinnati @ Central Florida (ESPN): Unstoppable force vs. immovable object, who will give? Well, probably UCF. Cincy will be far and away the best defense they’ve played, and the Bearcats can probably do enough on offense to win. Which is probably exactly how they’re drawing it up.
  • California-Los Angeles @ Oregon (ESPN2): Ducks.
  • California @ Oregon State (FS1): Bears.
  • Georgia State @ South Alabama (ESPNU): Panthers.
  • Iowa @ Pennsylvania State (BTN): Hawkeyes… wait, that’s not really an animal. That’s like, a part of an animal? I’m not sure I really internalized that until now. How does this not come up as an exceedingly weird mascot? I guess being an animal part still wins out over the “Crimson Tide”s and “Cardinal”s of the world.
  • Middle Tennessee State @ Troy (


  • Kansas State @ Iowa State (“Farmageddon”; FOX): One’s got wheat, the other’s got corn, and they meet, it’s FARMAGEDDON. Iowa State is K-State’s all-time second most played program (behind only Kansas). Thanks to conference realignment, K-State will become Iowa State’s most-played rival in three seasons since Mizzou and Nebraska have fled for greener pastures. (That’s right, Iowa State has played K-State 36 more times than Iowa.) And it’s still the 8th-longest rivalry, and likely soon to be 7th since Clemson-South Carolina probably won’t play this year. It’s been around a while! So, as for the game… well, the Cyclones should win.
  • Kentucky @ Alabama (SEC): Bama.
  • Virginia Tech @ Pittsburgh (ACCN): Virginia Tech has made no sense, so I suspect they will win this game to continue to ensue that status.

7:00: Tennessee @ Auburn (ESPN): Auburn has been all over the place this year, but not so much so that they’d lose to Tennessee.


  • Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (“Bedlam”; ABC): Oklahoma State comes in as a 10 point favorite, but the saying still holds: “It’s Bedlam! Anything can happen and then Oklahoma will win.”
  • Mississippi State @ Georgia (SEC): This might be the least pleasurable game to watch that will end 21-3 ever, and not just because Georgia will win.
  • Missouri @ South Carolina (SECA): Well, South Carolina’s gone and done it, they fired Will Muschamp. Why now? Who knows, I guess they like paying him to not coach more than to coach. I still favor them here.
  • Michigan @ Rutgers (BTN): I… Michigan might lose this game, y’all. Might.
  • Liberty @ North Carolina State (ACC/RSN): Well, Liberty’s already beaten one mediocre ACC team, I guess they’ll probably make it two.

8:00: Arizona @ Washington (FOX): UDub.

10:30: Southern California @ Utah (ESPN): USC apparently believes in giving their fans a finish, because their first two games this year have been insane. That said, the Utes are probably better than either of the Arizona schools, and they always play with a chip on their shoulder. They should be able to close it out.

11:00: Boise State @ Hawaii (CBSS): And to wrap it up, Boise heads for the warm climes of Hawaii. A tropical escape sounds pretty good right now, I gotta say. Plus, they’ll probably win!