This Weekend in College Football: Week 12

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Notre Dame vs. Navy (@Baltimore, MD; CBS): Should Navy win this game? Probably not, despite everything ND still had more talent on both sides of the ball. Can Navy win this game? Almost certainly, and I’ll project them to the upset.
  • Ohio State @ Illinois (ESPN): That Pryor guy’s pretty good, I hear. OSU names their own score.
  • Northwestern @ Michigan (ESPN2): When people talk about how boring ACC football is, I think of Big Ten football and games like this. Despite how bad Michigan has been they could definitely win this game, but I think NU pulls it out anyway.
  • Indiana @ Pennsylvania State (BTN): Penn State had their bad game of the year last weekend, but unfortunately (for them) it was against a mediocre Iowa team and they don’t have the schedule to make up for it. They’ll get back on the Rose Bowl tracks against the Hoosiers, though.
  • Duke @ Clemson (Raycom/Gameplan): Man, I don’t know about Duke anymore. They started off so well! Then they, uh, lost to by far the worst team in the ACC last week. Whoops! Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and take the Tigers. Duke is just, you know, Duke at this point instead of “darkhorse ACC sleeper”.


  • Texas @ Kansas (FSN): Texas doesn’t need William Shatner to explain that they can name their own score for this one.
  • Georgia @ Auburn (Raycom/Gameplan): Georgia may easily be one of the most disappointing teams in the country this year. And I couldn’t be happier about it. I’d be really happy if they, say, ended the season on a 2-note losing streak. Once again, though, my heart says “maybe they’ll play like this did last week against Kentucky but lose this time” but my brain says that “Auburn hasn’t beaten anyone worth a damn this year and has lost 4 straight against DI-A competition”. So I’ll go with the brain. For now.


  • South Carolina @ Florida (CBS): South Carolina isn’t a bad football team, no. But what follows is the amount of points Florida has scored against SEC competition since their miscue against Ole Miss: 38, 51, 63, 49, and 42. For those of you as calculator dependent as I am, that’s 48.6 points per game. And that’s not terrible. What I’m trying to say is while The Visor going back to Gainesville makes a good storyline this probably won’t be a good game.
  • California @ Oregon State (ABC/Gameplan): Oregon State controlling their own destiny is the one thing I don’t think I’ve heard anyone on TV talking about. I know it’s sort of a long shot considering their remaining schedule, but still! This would have huge effects on the BCS bowls because Oregon State is not even sniffing the rankings. That said, it’s tough to predict how they will perform against the first decent team they’ve played since Utah. I’m going to test the waters here and predict an OSU win.
  • Minnesota @ Wisconsin (ESPN/ABC/Gameplan): Yet Another Big Ten Game That Involves a Trophy. Man, we should invent a trophy for our “rivalry” against, say, Duke! Yeah, there you go. Anyway, Wisconsin has dominated this series over the past 4 years, but I think despite the loss to Michigan last week Minnesota is poised to turn the tide.
  • North Carolina @ Maryland (Gameplan/ESPN/ABC): This is an ACC football game involving two teams within a couple games of each other. Most outside observers would say this is pretty much a toss-up, but UNC has really been the most consistent team in the conference. I am not even kidding. And for UMD, there are worse teams to lose to than VPI, but I think UNC is a reasonably talented football team and will win. (Now watch Maryland hang 50 on them for no apparent reason.)
  • Brigham Young @ Air Force (CBSCS): I was thinking about dropping the CBS College Sports games this week, but then I saw this matchup and realized I’d feature it anyway. While Air Force doesn’t control its own destiny in the Mountain West, it can sure affect BYU’s chance to knock Utah off at the end of the year. That said, I still think BYU is capable of defeating Air Force, blowout loss to TCU nonwithstanding.

6:30: Missouri @ Iowa State (FSN): Man, what is it like to lose eight straight games? Like, it’s one thing to lose all of them, Wazzou-style. But Iowa State started off 2-0! Anyway, Oklahoma State put up 59 on them a few weeks ago and I guess Mizzou will try to top that for style points or something.

7:00: Southern California @ Stanford (Versus): I almost went to this game, but apparently people are actually bothering to show up for this so the tickets are ridiculously expensive. Just out of spite, I will predict a USC win. Oh screw it, they’ll win yes, but I’m rooting for the Cardinal just because it’s more fun that way.

7:45: Mississippi State @ Alabama (ESPN): I think I said this last week but I think the odds of this edition of Alabama getting Croom’d this year are pretty slim. Anyway, if I had a cowbell I’d be ringing it throughout this contest, but in reality the Sabanators will probably win by 30 or 40.


  • Boston College @ Florida State (Gameplan/ABC): Things FSU will not do this weekend: pass, as they’ve suspsended 5 WRs. Unfortunately for them, that was kind of a weapon for them this year. Do they still have the talent to beat BC? Probably, but so did ND and BC took care of business 17-0. This one will be a close, offensive-less ACC battle probably in the 14-10 neighborhood. I think BC will have the 14.
  • Oklahoma State @ Colorado (ABC/Gameplan): I’m not sure what this game did to deserve the prime time slot. OSU by like 30 or whatever.
  • Vanderbilt @ Kentucky (ESPN2): Vandy! You coulda been a contenda! But you had to lose the mojo and lose 4-straight, including two inexplicable losses to Duke and Mississippi State. 1 win! That’s how close you are! For once, I’ll take the sentimental favorite just because.

10:15: California-Los Angeles @ Washington (FSN): Sometimes I look forward to these late-night West Coast games, especially since they’re not really all that late here. Not this one, though. Anyway, UCLA all the way.