I Can’t Wait for Saturday!

College football is going to be amazing this weekend. Here are seven reasons why (all times Eastern)

1. Michigan at Notre Dame (3:30 PM, NBC): Will Notre Dame falter this week, or wait until sometime later in the season? I wish they wouldn’t wait, but something inside of me is telling me they will. I think it’s the same something that made me doubt every time USC was down at the half last year.

2. Nebraska at USC (8:00 PM, ABC): Is Nebraska really back? My guess is no. This will be yet another chance for the media to tout how wonderful John David Booty/Pete Carroll are at what they do. Of course USC is still the best team of all time; do not question their superiority!

3. Oklahoma at Oregon (3:30 PM, ABC): Some kinda middle-of-the-pack Top 25 showdown! I’m don’t think this game actually matters, but if I were going to be home and it was on TV, I would probably watch it.

4. Miami at Louisville (3:30 PM, ABC): Miami sometimes falters against big teams (see FSU), while Louisville is usually solid against a terrible schedule (see Louisville’s schedule). A great “defense vs. offense” matchup, maybe.

5. Florida at Tennessee (8:00 PM, CBS): Rocky Top is about to get rocked, but this time by a team from a respectable conference. Seriously, what self-respecting SEC team almost loses to a service academy?

6. LSU at Auburn (3:30 PM, CBS): The SEC West has been decided by this game five of the last six years. The home team has won all six of those meetings. Since the game is in Auburn, and John Vaughn learned how to kick this summer, I’m gonna pick the Tigers (non-Bengal variety).

7. Michigan State at Pittsburgh (12:00 PM, ESPN2): The marquee matchup of the weekend? Hardly. What has me interested in this game is whether or not my girlfriend will watch any of it. Only time will tell whether she does or not.