What I’m Watching Saturday

The non-exhaustive list (all times Eastern):

  • Troy @ GT, on in select parts of southern Alabama, 1:30: Well, I’ll be there.
  • LSU @ Auburn, CBS, 3:30: Tigers win! Seriously, though, an interesting matchup between the two best teams in the SEC West. Slight edge to AU due to not being in Baton Rouge. I’ll be rooting for AU, due to childhood loyalties.
  • Miami @ Louisville, ABC, 3:30: Old Big East vs. New Big East! Either Miami’s defense dominates or the final score will be 50-45. (I don’t think Louisville has a good defense, and I don’t think Miami is as bad as they were at FSU.) So if Miami fails to dominate definsively, the team with the last possesion wins.
  • Clemson @ FSU, ESPN, 7:45: I probably wouldn’t ordinarly be interested in the Bowden Bowl, but this has conference implications (though both teams are not in Tech’s division). A true test for both teams – if Clemson wins this game, they’re on the inside track for their division, I’d say.
  • Florida @ Tennessee, CBS, 8:00: So CBS is getting into this primetime act, eh? Beats the pants off ABC’s game – I saw Bill Callahan on ESPN Thursday night and he looked down right depressed talking about his game. I think UF or UGA is on the inside track for SEC East, but Tennessee can make a statement here (in terms of the SEC, they already beat down Cal).
  • TAMU vs. Army, ESPN2, 9:00: Dad went to USMA, and Bobby Ross is their coach. (FYI: He coached Tech to their 1990 National Title.)