Bunch of thoughts here, as it’s been awhile since I posted.

-You may’ve noticed that I didn’t post the day of the ND game or after. I was kinda bummed out about the game. We had a really good chance to upset ND, but we just couldn’t make 3 scores. If you had told me that we would’ve held the vaunted Irish offense to 14 points, I’d tell you we had a really good chance to win. (I predicted they’d score around 28 points.) I’m still bummed out thinking about it, honestly.

In Tech circles, a lot was made a helmet-to-helmet call against us on Brady Quin. It was definitely a bad call, however, listening to some folks you’d think the refs walked over to Charlie Weis after the play to recieve their payoffs. The fact of the matter is that there was around 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, and I have a hard time believing any call made with that much time left can seriously impact a game.

-We played Samford last weekend. I stayed the whole time (I hate leaving early), which was mostly interesting because got to play nearly 70 players. Even #55 David Brown got in at right tackle, which is mostly notable because he is one of a handful of people at Tech who went to my high school. (I still wish he was on the d-line, though, he doesn’t have the right size or build to be an offensive lineman, in my opinion.)

-While we were taking care of the other Bulldogs of the South, FSU had their hands full with the Troy Trojans, who we play this Saturday. I think as long as Tech doesn’t turn the ball over 4-5 times like FSU did, they should be fine.

-The Braves were mathematically eliminated from division title possiblities just recently. In my years as a Braves fan, this is something that’s never happened, and it’s difficult to come to terms with it. The last time the Braves were probably not going to win the division they got bailed out by a strike, which doesn’t look like is happening this time. Anyone who tries to tell you they’re still realistically in the wild card race is probably delusional, by the way.

That’s about all I got for now.