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2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup Advancement Scenarios, Part 2

Post-Group B Update

With Group B settled, here are the scenarios for United States’s opponent on Saturday.

There are there contenders entering the last day of group play: El Salvador, sitting on two points, Guatemala, with one point, and Cuba, with no points. Since Guatemala has a -2 goal differential while El Salvador has a -1, a draw will not suffice. Therefore, the opponent will be the winner of Guatemala-Cuba, and if there is no winner, it will be El Salvador.

Original post:

Here’s the advancement scenarios for Groups B and C. I think I’ve worked out most of the bugs. Let me know if you spot anything incorrect in the comments.

Group B


Costa Rica:

El Salvador:


Group C
Group C is a lot more straightforward, and also a lot more boring.

Trinidad and Tobago:




Top Two Third Place Teams
Right now we know that Panama is the third place team from Group A, with three points. As you can see above, any of Group B’s teams could finish in third, though the most likely is El Salvador if they draw or lose to Jamaica. A draw would give El Salvador three points, while a loss would keep them parked at two. Group C’s third place team will probably be Guatemala. If Guatemala wins outright against Canada, they will definitely advance with four points. If Guatemala only draws Canada, they will have two points and out (as a draw would not allow them to make up their -2 goal differential).

Future updates to my program may include the ability to deal with this sort of scenario, but I don’t have the time to do that at the moment.

2015 CONACAF Gold Cup Advancement Scenarios – Group A

These are the scenarios for every possible permutation of the teams involved scoring four goals each. Note: this currently does not include third place team advancement, I will add that when it is narrowed down a bit more. This is a work in progress, as I’m testing a program I wrote, so it may be wrong!

Group A
Just an archive, that sort of preserves a buggier version of the program.

United States:

I… think we got this.


Panama finishes second with any win over the US, but things get weird fast. And Panama fans may (not want to) remember what happened the last time they went into a game needing a win over the United States.



2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup TV Schedule

Because I hated the official schedule as soon as I laid eyes on it, here’s an easier-to-read version with American TV info. Watch this post, as I’ll update it as necessary.

Date Team vs. Team Time (ET) Network Location Group
7/7 Panama 1-1 Haiti 7:00 PM FS2 Frisco, TX A
7/7 United States 2-1 Honduras 9:30 PM FS1 Frisco, TX A
7/8 Costa Rica 2-2 Jamaica 8:00 PM FS2 Carson, CA B
7/8 El Salvador 0-0 Canada 10:30 PM FS2 Carson, CA B
7/9 Trinidad and Tobago 3-1 Guatemala 7:00 PM FS2 Chicago, IL C
7/9 Mexico 6-0 Cuba 9:30 PM FS1 Chicago, IL C
7/10 Honduras 1-1 Panama 6:00 PM FS2 Foxborough, MA A
7/10 United States 2-1 Haiti 8:30 PM FS1 Foxborough, MA A
7/11 Jamaica 1-0 Canada 6:30 PM FS2 Houston, TX B
7/11 Costa Rica 1-1 El Salvador 9:00 PM FS2 Houston, TX B
7/12 Trinidad and Tobago 2-0 Cuba 6:30 PM FS2 Glendale, AZ C
7/12 Guatemala 0-0 Mexico 9:00 PM FS2 Glendale, AZ C
7/13 Haiti 1-0 Honduras 7:00 PM FS1 Kansas City, KS A
7/13 Panama 1-1 United States 9:30 PM FS1 Kansas City, KS A
7/14 Jamaica 1-0 El Salvador 6:00 PM FS1 Toronto, ON, CA B
7/14 Canada 0-0 Costa Rica 8:30 PM FS1 Toronto, ON, CA B
7/15 Cuba 1-0 Guatemala 6:00 PM FS2 Charlotte, NC C
7/15 Mexico 4-4 Trinidad and Tobago 8:30 PM FS2 Charlotte, NC C
7/18 United States 6-0 Cuba 5:00 PM FOX Baltimore, MD Quarterfinal 1
7/18 Haiti 0-1 Jamaica 8:00 PM FS2 Baltimore, MD Quarterfinal 2
7/19 Trinidad and Tobago 1-1 (aet)
Panama 4:30 PM FS1 East Rutherford, NJ Quarterfinal 3
7/19 Mexico 1-0 (aet) Costa Rica 7:30 PM FS1 East Rutherford, NJ Quarterfinal 4
7/22 United States 1-2 Jamaica 6:00 PM FS1 Atlanta, GA Semi-final 1
7/22 Panama 1-2 (aet) Mexico 9:00 PM FS1 Atlanta, GA Semi-final 2
7/25 United States 1-1 (aet)

Panama 4:00 PM FS2 Chester, PA Third Place Game
7/26 Jamaica 1-3 Mexico 7:30 PM FS1 Philadelphia, PA Final

For scores, results, and standings the best resource is probably the Wikipedia page.