This Weekend in College Football: Week 11

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Georgia Tech @ Clemson (ABC): Wait, hold on, we played a team last week that we should’ve beat and handled them easily? What team is this? Is this the same team that lost to Bowling Green? The same team that hasn’t had a winning record since Week 1 of 2020? That hasn’t even been close to bowling since 2018? I have no idea what to expect anymore.
  • Michigan @ Pennsylvania State (FOX): So we’re all familiar with how this is going to go now, right? Penn State will stick around and occasionally threaten, but at the end of the day the Big Win™ still eludes James Franklin and company. I still have no reason to believe otherwise.
  • Alabama @ Kentucky (ESPN): I want to believe, but yeah, now that Bama has figured out a QB rushing attack, it’s over. Over, I tell you.
  • Tulsa @ Tulane (ESPN2): Tulane by a lot.
  • Texas Tech @ Kansas (FS1): While Kansas doesn’t really have any sort of inside track to the Big 12 title game (that’s Oklahoma State now) they’re definitely favored to take care of business here.
  • Indiana @ Illinois (BTN): I still get BTN only in standard definition, so any reason to behold this game is further diminished. Uh, Illini I guess?
  • Vanderbilt @ South Carolina (SEC): South Carolina is bad this year, but Vandy remains even worse.
  • Virginia Tech @ Boston College (ACCN): This is definitely an ACC game that’s happening. BC.
  • Maryland @ Nebraska (Peacock)
  • Temple @ South Florida (ESPN+)

1:00 Old Dominion @ Liberty (ESPN+)


  • North Carolina State @ Wake Forest (The CW): I don’t really want to look this up, but it certainly feels like NC State leads the league in appearances on the CW. Which, I say, more power to you! That’s nationally broadcast television! (Mostly.) Either way, I don’t think I’ve watched the Wolfpack at all this year, but I have seen Wake Forest, and they should be fine.
  • Arizona @ Colorado (Pac12): I keep having a tough time remembering Arizona is the Arizona school that’s good this season against all expectations and not Arizona State. Once again, Colorado’s Pac 12 difficulties figure to continue.
  • Connecticut @ James Madison (ESPN+)
  • Appalachian State @ Georgia State (ESPN+)
  • Troy @ Louisiana-Monroe (ESPN+)
  • Memphis @ Charlotte (ESPN+)


  • Baylor @ Kansas State (ESPN+)
  • Sam Houston State @ Louisiana Tech (ESPN+)


  • Tennessee @ Missouri (CBS): This might be one of the better games of the day, in all honestly. While Tennessee’s offense has been slightly off all season, they’re still pretty good. Mizzou, of course, has defied all expectations in becoming pretty solidly the 2nd best team in the SEC East this season. Add in what figures to be a crowd that has been oft-disappointed in Columbia, and I think there’s a good recipe for something interesting here.
  • Utah @ Washington (FOX): I feel a bit for the Utes. The defense is still good-to-great, but they’re just running out of bodies. Penix and company have looked more mortal in recent weeks, but the Huskies just figure to have too much firepower.
  • Minnesota @ Purdue (NBC): I won’t watch this game and you can’t make me. Gophers?
  • Miami @ Florida State (ABC): I know this is a rivalry and all, but I just see no way the Canes win this one.
  • Oklahoma State @ Central Florida (ESPN): The Pokes won Bedlam, and all they have to do to win out is beat UCF, BYU, and Cincinnati. You know, the three teams that have yet to beat any pre-existing Big 12 team. All you gotta do is not blow it Pokes, and you’ll get a shot at Texas in December. That’s all you gotta do.
  • Northwestern @ Wisconsin (BTN): Wisconsin is still figuring somethings out, but probably not “lose to Northwestern” levels of figuring things out.
  • Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse (@New York, NY; ACCN): This is being played in Yankee Stadium for some reason? Sure. Either way, this figures to be an Iowa-esque low-scoring defensive slapfest, and the experts in that arena are definitely on the Pittsburgh sidelines.
  • Alabama-Birmingham @ Navy (CBSS): Blazers, I guess?
  • Florida International @ Middle Tennessee State (ESPN+)
  • New Mexico State @ Western Kentucky (ESPN+)
  • Texas State @ Coastal Carolina (ESPN+)


  • Washington State @ California (ESPN2): It’s not going the way Wazzu might’ve liked for their last year in the Pac-12 as we know it. They’ve now lost 5 straight, some of them understandable, but the most recent one suggests they’re just a bit snakebit: a 10-7 loss to a bad Stanford team. I’m not sure a trip to Berkeley is what they need to fix things, but just about anything can happen at Cal, and I think they might be able to get back up.
  • Auburn @ Arkansas (SEC): Yes, Arkansas definitely looked more like themselves after making a change at coordinator and upsetting Florida last weekend, but Auburn seems to be trending upward at the right time.
  • East Carolina @ Florida Atlantic (ESPN+)

5:00: Arkansas State @ South Alabama (ESPN+)

5:30: Stanford @ Oregon State (Pac12): Beavers all the way here.


  • West Virginia @ Oklahoma (FOX): With their loss to Oklahoma State, the Sooners no longer control their Pac-12 destiny. That said, nothing remaining on their schedule suggests that they at least will be able to control what they can control: winning out.
  • Mississippi @ Georgia (ESPN): I want to believe… that Lane’s offense can show up for a big game for the first time in a while. I want to believe.
  • Cincinnati @ Houston (FS1): Houston beating Baylor says a lot about how bad Baylor’s been this year. Cincy’s been worse.
  • Georgia Southern @ Marshall (NFLN): Southern is coming up a baffling blowout loss to Texas State last week, but I think they’re still in the driver’s seat against most Sun Belt competition.
  • San Diego State @ Colorado State (CBSS): In perhaps the “well, somebody has to win” game of the year, I guess I’m going with the Rams? Sure, let’s put that down.


  • Texas @ Texas Christian (ABC): While the loss to Colorado to start the year is still baffling, it hasn’t really gotten that much better for the Frogs. And it doesn’t figure to get better here. I suspect they might be looking forward to the Revivalry next week.
  • Michigan State @ Ohio State (NBC): This is a rough week, eh? Ohio State occasionally messes around for a bit and turns on the jets (read: remembers that they have a human cheat code lining up at WR named “Marvin Harrison, Jr”) but I suspect this one will be over by the end of the first quarter.
  • Mississippi State @ Texas A&M (ESPN2): Both of these teams have a lot of problems, but “not being able to score” is only a problem for one of them. Aggies figure to be able to relax just a tad this week.
  • Rice @ Texas-San Antonio (ESPNU): Meep meep.
  • Florida @ Louisiana State (SEC): Rarely the best SEC non-rivalry rivalry game, but often the strangest. I think Florida’s loss last week to Arkansas sets them perfectly to win this one. Yes, I know it’s LSU at home at night.

8:00: Duke @ North Carolina (ACCN): Okay, I know Duke is basically without a quarterback now, but UNC’s defense is just such a disaster. I think the Heels will ultimately win, but Duke can definitely keep it within a couple of scores.

9:00: Arizona State @ California-Los Angeles (Pac12): The Sun Devils let Utah work out some frustration last week to the tune of a 55-3 drubbing. UCLA might be able to visit the same upon them.

10:00: New Mexico @ Boise State (FS1): Lobos, losing two straight to the Nevada schools does not inspire a great deal of confidence even against a down year Boise State team.

10:15: Iowa State @ Brigham Young (ESPN): In September, I would’ve said BYU easily. But as bad as September looked for the Cyclones, they’ve gotten right and clearly shown they’re still a cut above the Big 12’s bottom dwellers.


  • Southern California @ Oregon (FOX): USC finally fired Alex Grinch after UDub drubbed their defense. That said, a week doesn’t figure to be enough to figure it out, especially when they’ll have to go on the road to Autzen for a November night game, which is rarely fun for anybody.
  • Fresno State @ San Jose State (CBSS): Okay, I don’t gamble, but if I did… what in the world is the spread in this game. SJSU -1? As a team with a losing record against a physical, tough, one-loss Fresno State team? Per SP+, Fresno is essentially a 10 point favorite. What are we doing here?!?

11:00: Air Force @ Hawaii (Team1Sports)