This Weekend in College Football: Week 9

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Florida State @ Wake Forest (ABC): FSU still looks like the best team in the ACC, and I don’t think Wake is going to do anything to dissuade me.
  • Oklahoma @ Kansas (FOX): Kansas has been fine without Jaylon Daniels, but I’m not sure they’ve been fine enough to be at Oklahoma.
  • Indiana @ Pennsylvania State (CBS): Okay, so, Penn State’s going to win this one. That’s basically a given. The real intrigue is when they play Michigan, to see if that is finally the time the Nittany Lions can actually beat an opponent at or above their level.
  • South Carolina @ Texas A&M (ESPN): Is Jimbo in trouble yet? It’s unclear! I guess A&M will win this one, but I think it’s kind of damning that I’m not sure.
  • Houston @ Kansas State (ESPN2): Houston finally won a Big 12 game two weeks ago, but, well, K-State figures to send them straight back to the Misery Zone.
  • West Virginia @ Central Florida (FS1): I think WVU gets back on the good side in Orlando.
  • Maryland @ Northwestern (BTN): September Maryland is a distant memory, but Northwestern is bad bad.
  • Tulsa @ Southern Methodist (ESPNU): SMU all the way here.
  • Connecticut @ Boston College (ACCN): BC for sure.
  • Massachusetts @ Army (CBSS): Army, probably.

2:00: Clemson @ North Carolina State (The CW): While Clemson may be heading for 8-4, I don’t think one of those 4 will be NCSU.

3:00: Memphis @ North Texas (ESPN+)


  • Georgia vs. Florida (“The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” @ Jacksonville, FL; CBS): I want to believe. That said, Florida hasn’t provided a lot of particularly strong reasons to do so this season, and I’m not sure that will start now.
  • Oregon @ Utah (FOX): Here’s your game of the day, folks. Utah of course is somewhat crippled on offense, and while they were able to make hay against an extremely suspect USC defense, the Ducks don’t have such issues. Alas, I’m pretty sure the Ducks are going to win this one pretty comfortably.
  • Brigham Young @ Texas (ABC): Set aside the tropes: the Longhorns are good enough to win this one.
  • Pittsburgh @ Notre Dame (NBC): It’s not really the superweapon if Notre Dame is already wounded, so I suspect the Irish will win easily.
  • Duke @ Louisville (ESPN): Duke without Riley Leonary looks extremely like, well, Duke. I like the Cardinals here.
  • Purdue @ Nebraska (FS1): I don’t have an opinion about this game and you can’t make me. Huskers?
  • Michigan State @ Minnesota (BTN): Gophers, presumably.
  • Mississippi State @ Auburn (SEC): I shudder to think what the final of this game might be. We all joke about Iowa not scoring a lot, but both of these offense have really been on the struggle bus all season. Auburn I guess?
  • Virginia @ Miami (ACCN): Barring more Mario Cristobal, Clock Commander, incidents, the Canes should win this one easily.
  • Miami @ Ohio (“Battle of the Bricks”; CBSS): The Bobcats are decent, but the Redhawks look like one of the best teams in the MAC.
  • East Carolina @ Texas-San Antonio (ESPN+)
  • Iowa State @ Baylor (ESPN+)
  • Southern Mississippi @ Appalachian State (ESPN+)


  • Tulane @ Rice (ESPN2): I remember when we thought Rice might be decent. I don’t think the Green Wave will have any trouble here.
  • Southern California @ California (Pac12): So it might be tempting to think Cal’s defense is going to be enough to affect the USC offense. To which I would say: nope.

5:30: Wyoming @ Boise State (FS2): This would ordinarily be a Mountain West headliner, and it sort of still use, but unfortunately Boise isn’t really holding up their end of the bargain this season. Some of the shine has come off Wyoming but I still like them in this matchup.

6:00: Marshall @ Coastal Carolina (NFLN): Speaking of which, I guess Herd?


  • Tennessee @ Kentucky (ESPN): It just hasn’t clicked for Tennessee this season. While they didn’t exactly get blown out by Alabama, it just figures the Kentucky defense is just going to make their lives miserable once again and keep this in the Wildcats faor.
  • Washington @ Stanford (FS1): Huskies, by a lot.
  • Air Force @ Colorado State (CBSS): So this is also a rivalry, but that said Air Force looks like the best team in the G5 and I’m sure that will be true even in bowl season.
  • Troy @ Texas State (ESPN+)


  • Colorado @ California-Los Angeles (ABC): The Prime Time show rolls in to the Rose Bowl for a, well, prime time slot on broadcast television. That said, while I don’t think UCLA is capable of doing to them what, say, Oregon did, I think it’s going to be a long night for the Buffs.
  • Ohio State @ Wisconsin (NBC): The Buckeyes did what they needed to do to beat Penn State, and as long and they can still toss it up to a player named “Marvin Harrison Jr.” that figures to continue to be the case.
  • Vanderbilt @ Mississippi (SEC): I don’t see any path to victory for the Commodores here.


  • Cincinnati @ Oklahoma State (ESPN2): So early in the season Oklahoma State seemed like they were going to be really bad. It’s been a few weeks now, but they seem to have figured some things out. As for the Bearcats, well, not so much.
  • Old Dominion @ James Madison (ESPNU): JMU all the way here.
  • North Carolina @ Georgia Tech (ACCN): So maybe we don’t play well at home? I’m not sure. Naturally, I typed up what I did about Haynes King last week and then we went out and threw some brutal picks, but I stand by what I said. The way this game has gone the past decade or so means that I can’t reasonably say anything about, other than just hoping for the best on a Saturday night in Midtown where a lot of folks figures to be on costume. (Seriously, Halloween falling on a Tuesday is just the worst.)
  • Washington State @ Arizona State (Pac12): I’m still not buying what ASU is selling, so I’m taking the Cougs all the way here.


  • Oregon State @ Arizona (ESPN): Again, the Arizona schools seem to be tripping the top of the conference up, but I’m still not trusting them.
  • Nevada-Las Vegas @ Fresno State (FS1): This is the secret best game of the day. UNLV is… good? As in, their only loss is to Michigan good? That said, this one of their first real tests since then against a consistently solid Fresno squad that figures to test. And on a Saturday night in the Valley, I sort of just have to pick them to win?
  • New Mexico @ Nevada (CBSS): This one is, uh, dire. Nevada did get their first win of the season last week in completely unexpected fashion over San Diego State, but that normally wouldn’t be a reason to pick them anyway other than New Mexico is also somewhat terrible. You could flip a coin in this one, but maybe the Lobos can actually score, so I’ll take them.

12:00: San Jose State @ Hawaii (Team1Sports)