Braves Diary (13/162)

Well, I missed the early part of this one since it started pretty early out here on the West Coast. I did see the last few innings, though.

The bullpen still seems a bit leaky for my tastes. AJ Minter entered the top of the 9th with a 5-4 lead and blew the save after walking the first batter.

Fortunately for him, me, and the Braves generally, the offense looked like a bit of its old self in the bottom of the inning. No, there wasn’t a big blast. But there was a good eye and patience from every hitting except for d’Arnaud. Ender amazingly got a hit, Acuña followed with another. Freddie coaxed a 9-pitch walk. d’Arnaud made the first out, but Albies saw four straight outside, which brought Ender home. Dansby then walked it off.

I exhaled, and the team is on to Chicago for a trio of afternoon games. I’ve got the day off tomorrow to go get my second dose of Pfizer. I’m looking forward to it.