Braves Diary (12/162)

12 games, three four-game streaks. 4 losses, 4 wins, 4 losses.

Ronald Acuña is so good right now that I need to internalize how to produce ‘ñ’ on a Windows machine. (It’s Alt+0241.) He just about won the game by himself tonight, but alas, he could not produce a clean top of the 10th out of the bullpen or do everything, as he got a chance to bat in the bottom of that inning and struck out. Believe it or not, that will happen to him sometimes.

Freddie Freeman is starting to show signs of life on this homestand, but the rest of the line is struggling in a major way. That said, they still scored 5 runs tonight. With an average pitching performance that’s still winnable, and we haven’t been getting a whole lot of those either.