This Weekend in College Football: Week 3

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Navy @ Tulane (ABC): Navy looked bad last week, and while it stands to reason they they’ll be a little more in shape this week, it’s still tough to call this one for them. I’ll take Tulane.
  • Tulsa @ Oklahoma State (ESPN):  Oklahoma State shouldn’t have any issues.
  • Louisiana @ Georgia State (ESPN2): Georgia State is kinda bad? I’ll take the Cajuns to rage here.
  • Liberty @ Western Kentucky (ESPNU): Go Hilltoppers!
  • Syracuse @ Pittsburgh (ACCN): Syracuse seemed to take a step back last year, and uh, without the traditional sources of internet previews I’ve come to rely on over the years this year, I have no idea what their current state is. I’ll take Pitt.
  • Boston College @ Duke (ACC/RSN): Duke isn’t what was in the past under Cutcliffe, but I can’t see them losing to BC just yet.

2:30: South Florida @ Notre Dame (USA): This doesn’t figure to be pretty, but hey I guess if you want the novelty of seeing Notre Dame on a cable channel you can watch this one.


  • Central Florida @ Georgia Tech (ABC): Beating Florida State always feels good, even FSU is a shadow of its former self. (Seriously, I figured our d-line play would be improved, but FSU offensive line has somehow been atrocious for like three years running.) GT is still young, extremely young, and this actually figures to be a harder test than FSU was last week. This will be a yardstick, but it could well be one of our tougher games this year.
  • Appalachian State @ Marshall (CBS): App State figures to walk in this one.
  • Florida Atlantic @ Georgia Southern (ESPN): Is FAU still any good? Is Georgia Southern? Y’all, I don’t know. It’s early in the season, it’s week 3 and the teams that have played have played like one game, and I’m so slammed with work that I haven’t had time to do even the most superficial of research. So, uh, Southern?

4:00: Troy @ Middle Tennessee State (Battle for the Palladium; ESPN2): THIS IS ACTUALLY RIVALRY GAME. SUPPOSEDLY. MAYBE. IT’S GOT A WIKIPEDIA PAGE. But yeah I like Troy.

6:00: Southern Methodist @ North Texas (CBSS): I’m going with the Ponies here? Yeah, I’ve just received word—I’m going with the Mustangs.


  • Miami @ Louisville (ABC): I’m picking Miami here mostly on the assumption that Louisville is still garbage. That’s a college football opinion from like two years ago, but look, that’s what I got right now.
  • Louisiana Tech @ Southern Mississippi (ESPN2): Okay, one piece of current college football news that I am up on is that they were so good last week they fired their coach. Or he resigned, who can say? Either way, yeah, I’ll take LT over an interim coaching staff.
  • Texas State @ Louisiana-Monroe (ESPNU): Just picking ULM out of reflex out of this point. I’ll say this about the Big Ten: I definitely have a better idea of how, say, Indiana or Northwestern is doing in a given year than the Texas States of the world,

8:00: Wake Forest @ North Carolina State (ACCN): It feels like every year is the year NCSU is finally going to win more than 9 games, so this year seems as good as any to pick them.