This Weekend in College Football: Week 3

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Florida State @ Louisville (ABC): Okay, due to a series of, uh, events this is also going to be really snappy. But let’s also note the oddity of arguably one of the most import games of the day being right at noon. Was ESPN asleep at the wheel? At any rate, FSU.
  • Miami @ Appalachian State (ESPN): I’m picking Miami, but they’re totally going to lose this game. I mean, seriously.
  • North Dakota State @ Iowa (ESPN2): Normally I don’t include FCS vs. FBS matchups, but I put this one in because it’s on ESPN2 and it’s NDSU. Whom I am totally picking.
  • Iowa State @ Texas Christian (FS1): TCU.
  • Kansas @ Memphis (ESPNU): Memphis.
  • New Mexico @ Rutgers (ESPNEWS): Rut—ah, what the hell, New Mexico.
  • Ohio @ Tennessee (SEC): Valws.
  • Temple @ Pennsylvania State (BTN): Temple.

12:30: Vanderbilt @ Georgia Tech (ACC): We’ve got a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball. The schedule ramps up really quickly after this. Hopefully we make the necessary adjustments.

2:00: Idaho @ Washington State (Pac12): Wazzou.


  • Oregon @ Nebraska (ABC): Oregon, probably?
  • Alabama @ Mississippi (CBS): As much as three-in-a-row would be hilarious, I have to go with Bama here.
  • Pittsburgh @ Oklahoma State (ESPN): This is probably the last weekend of wacky inter-sections games, so enjoy them while you can, even if it’s Pitt at a very moribund Oklahoma State. Also, going with Pitt here.
  • Boston College @ Virginia Tech (ESPNU): Oof, this one’s a bit of a stumper. Uh, VPI?
  • San Diego State @ Northern Illinois (CBSS): Even the Group of Five is getting in on the inter-sectional fun! Going with SDSU, though.
  • Colorado @ Michigan (BTN): Michigan.

4:00: East Carolina @ South Carolina (SEC): ECU is going for two, and I think they’re going to make it!


  • Texas A&M @ Auburn (ESPN): The folks over at EDSBS are calling this Anxiety Bowl, ’cause this game is going to get someone fired. I’d… say it’s not looking good for Gus Malzahn.
  • Mississippi State @ Louisiana State (ESPN2): Speaking of which, this game might well get someone fired too. This is not a great LSU team or anything, but at night, in Baton Rouge, well, it’s not looking real good for Dan Mullen.
  • Louisiana Tech @ Texas Tech (FSN): Tech! Er, oh, right. Uh, TTU, sure.
  • Maryland @ Central Florida (CBSS): Maryland?
  • Troy @ Southern Mississippi (beIN): Southern Miss.


  • Michigan State @ Notre Dame (NBC): If this final score is like 12-9, then Sparty has got this. But I don’t think that’ll be the case.
  • Ohio State @ Oklahoma (FOX): The ramifications of this game are inversely proportional to the amount of time I’m going to spend on it. Ohio State.
  • North Texas @ Florida (ESPNU): Florida.
  • Georgia @ Missouri (SEC): I want Mizzou in this so badly, but… Georgia.


  • Southern California @ Stanford (ABC): Stanford.
  • Duke @ Northwestern (BTN):  Duke.

10:15: California-Los Angeles @ Brigham Young (ESPN2): UCLA.


  • Texas @ California (ESPN): Texas, but boy howdy there’s going to be some points in this game.
  • Utah @ San Jose State (CBSS): Utah: apparently knows the way to San Jose, which I suspect will not otherwise offer much in the way of resistance.

10:45: Hawaii @ Arizona (Pac12): Zona.