This Weekend in College Football: Week 3

Unfortunately, I was correct last week when I was afraid that Tech would come out a little flat. So, for once, not only were all the times below Eastern, a prediction was, unfortunately, right. So let’s hope things get back on course here.

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Arkansas @ Georgia (ESPN): Georgia’s got problems. Mainly, they can’t score points and last week their defense couldn’t stop the runaway locomotive that is that Lattimore kid at South Carolina. These days, Arkansas likes to throw it over the top, though, and I suspect that’s what we’ll see here.
  • Kent State @ Pennsylvania State (ESPN2): I’m not even going to dignify most cupcake games with a summary this week. So Penn State and let’s move on.
  • Iowa State vs. Kansas State (@Kansas City, MO; FSN): Well, unless a cupcake plays a cupcake I guess. K-State should still win easily though.
  • Maryland @ West Virginia (ESPNU): I have no idea how WVU almost loses to Marshall, but they almost did last week. Maryland won based mostly off Navy shooting themselves in the foot last week, which is probably what it would take for them to beat WVU. In Morgantown they should be able to take care of themselves, though.
  • North Texas @ Army (CBSCS): Army lost to Hawaii last week, largely for the reasons you’d suspect. North Texas is pretty awful, though, so I think Army stands a fair chance of pulling this off.
  • Massachusetts @ Michigan (BTN): Michigan.
  • Vanderbilt @ Mississippi (SEC/Gameplan): Vandy gets a double-dose of the SEC’s two craziest coaches back-to-back, after going through the Les Miles Experience last weekend. Vandy did what they usually did though, which is somehow keep the game close in the first half, and then gradually slip away in the third quarter as your opponent beats you down with their superior size, depth, and speed. That said, Vandy is technically the best team Ole Miss has seen so far this season, and then you remember that the Rebels have already lost once. They should still win, of course, but it could be close until the end.
  • Georgia Tech @ North Carolina (ACC/Gameplan): What the hell is there even to say? I haven’t really even fully comprehended the loss last weekend and I’m not sure I want to. We were, simply, bad. Even if UNC’s defense is still suspended, if we play like we did last week it won’t matter. Oh, and the defense still looks awful, and neither unit was helped by stupid and untimely penalties. Without significant improvement in all phases of the game, this will be a long year for us.


  • Florida @ Tennessee (CBS): You know football season has really arrive when Uncle Vern is back, and this game certainly fits the bill. UF should roll though.
  • Nebraska @ Washington (ABC/ESPN2/Gameplan): Nebraska.
  • Arizona State @ Wisconsin (ESPN2/ABC/Gameplan): Arizona State has, to this point, literally played no one as they’ve played two DI-AA teams. Neither has Wisconsin, really. So this game is pretty much a toss up to me, but I’ll take Wisconsin.
  • Alabama @ Duke (ABC/Gameplan): When I first started thinking about how I would approach this writeup, I was thinking about it along the lines of many old Southern rivalries now broken up by conference affiliation. That doesn’t really apply here, though. Because for all the history, these teams have only met three times. Duke won the first meeting, on New Year’s Day in the 1945 Sugar Bowl, but it’s been all downhill from there, as Bama won the encounters in 1972 and 2006. This the return trip from the latter game. Suffice it to say, Alabama should have a pretty easy go of it. Oh, as for the rootability index of this game, I have to disagree with Orson and say this one is pretty easy: Duke. The Duke fans everyone hates are Duke basketball fans. Since Duke football is such a nonentity they don’t really have any fans, and the ones they do have are pretty loyal and definitely not bandwagon fans. Meanwhile, I can’t think of anything positive at all to say about Alabama fans.
  • Southern California @ Minnesota (ESPN): As bad USC looks this year, Minnesota is a truly awful team and the Trojans should roll easily.
  • Air Force @ Oklahoma (FSN): This game will probably be fun to watch, but the Sooners should come out ahead in the end.
  • Brigham Young @ Florida State (ESPNU): Remember last year, when no one was talking about FSU after they lost to GT and BYU was one of the major mid-major teams? And then FSU went to Provo and shallacked the Cougars 54-28? Well, this year FSU again has the deflating defeat, but so does BYU with a 35-14 loss to Air Force. While I don’t expect a repeat of last year’s utter blowout, I do like FSU again.
  • Washington State @ Southern Methodist (CBSCS): A lot of awful major conference teams are on TV today, huh? I have to take SMU here. Yes, I am aware they lost 28-7 to UAB. I think either team is better than Wazzou.

4:30: Baylor @ Texas Christian (Versus): I think TCU is a pretty good team. This isn’t your usual truly awaful edition of Baylor, but TCU is still a superior team that would love to show the Texas legislature who should’ve been muscled into the Big 12 back in the day.

5:00: Indiana @ Western Kentucky (BTN): Indiana, well, at least I hope so.


  • Clemson @ Auburn (ESPN): I won’t make a joke about the Tigers winning here, and just come straight and say that Auburn is going to win this game. Why? It’s at home, and Clemson probably just isn’t ready after facing North Texas and Presbyterian.
  • Mississippi State @ Louisiana State (ESPNU): LSU, but hey, with Les Miles at the helm you never know.


(AP Photo/Laramie Boomerang, Andy Carpenean)
  • Texas @ Texas Tech (ABC/ESPN2): Okay, there’s a lot of hype around this game, but in reality, Texas should win. Tuberville has done a fine job in Lubbock so far (and is still throwing it a lot, surprisingly enough) but Texas is just better.
  • Notre Dame @ Michigan State (ESPN2/ABC): Notre Dame did everything but win last week against Michigan, but without really putting any thought into it the Domers should still win.
  • Boise State @ Wyoming (CBSCS): Unless Boise is just utterly disgusted by Wyoming’s home brown unis they should be able to win here. (As someone who always sought to create the ugliest uniforms possible in the NCAA Football games, the Wyoming unis have a special place in my heart, though.)


  • Iowa @ Arizona (ESPN): Begrudgingly, the years of hate towards Iowa on this site have now turned to a sort-of respect. Which means that it’s probably about to be betrayed, but whatever, I like the Hawkeys a lot here.
  • Houston @ California-Los Angeles (FSN): Honestly, I’ll take Houston here. UCLA looked terrible last weekend against Stanford and there’s no reason to think they’ve suddenly gotten better.
  • Nevada-Las Vegas @ Idaho (ESPNU): The main reason I can recommend watching this game is because KIBBIE DOME. That said, these teams both have the records would expect at this point but what the hell I’m taking Idaho because KIBBIE DOME.

11:15: Wake Forest @ Stanford (ESPN2): I’m half tempted to hop the train and go to this game, because, hey, it’s not like there won’t be tickets or anything, and it’s pretty well after most of the other games will have been decided most likely. Also, I always like Wake to make it tough, but The Cardinal should take care of business in the end.

Well, that’s that. Have a great Saturday, folks.