This Weekend in College Football: Week 9

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Indiana @ Iowa (ESPN): The first number that popped into my head as I wrote this was “12”, so I’m guessing that means the final score here will be something like 12-11, Iowa.
  • Purdue @ Wisconsin (ESPN2): Well, after staking their claim as the 2nd worst team in the Big Ten, Purdue should be back on schedule with their beatdown in Madison.
  • Cincinnati @ Syracuse (ESPNU): Cincy can’t lose this game, can they? I suppose they can, but the ‘Cuse has been even more dreadful than usual the past few weeks, while Cincy took care of business, including putting up 41 on the Big East’s other doormat, Louisville.
  • New Mexico State @ Ohio State (BTN): Mmm, delicious cupcakes. At any rate, OSU should be able to name their own score against NMSU. I was going to make a joke about their coach punching people, but that’s actually the head coach of New Mexico. So my bad.
  • Mississippi @ Auburn (SEC/Gameplan): Well, apparently the clock struck midnight for Chris Todd and turned back into, well, Chris Todd. Even worse during the three game skid has been Auburn’s defense, which gave up 44 points to Arkansas and 31 to LSU. This will be important if Jevan Snead isn’t on target again this week (he threw 2 picks against Arkansas), as the Tigers need to give their offense all the help it can get. I think this one will probably end up low-scoring and in Ole Miss’s favor.
  • North Carolina State @ Florida State (Raycom/Gameplan): FSU got up off the mat last week against UNC. Meanwhile, NC State is really, really bad. Christian Ponder should be able to have a field day on NCSU’s secondary, which Duke torched en route to 459 passing yards a couple weeks ago. The ACC may be wacky, but NCSU is just far and away the worst team in the conference this year.

12:30: Nebraska @ Baylor (Versus): All the recaps for Baylor should probably read, “It was over when… Baylor QB/wunderkund went down for the year with a knee injury.” Of course, if Nebraska turns the ball over EIGHT TIMES again, well, who knows?

1:30: Missouri @ Colorado (FSN): Colorado: still bad! Mizzou should finally get their first Big 12 win of the year here.


  • Florida vs. Georgia (@Jacksonville, FL; CBS): Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. Anyway, hopefully Florida can find an offense against Willy Martinez’s patented “swiss cheese” defense. They should win anyway, but still.
  • California @ Arizona State (ABC/Gameplan): Well, even though they did just play two of the worst teams in the Pac-10, I do feel good about saying Cal is back, and that trend should continue against a team that just lost by 19 to Stanford.
  • Michigan @ Illinois (ESPN2/ABC): Why is this even on TV at all? Michigan rolls.
  • Kansas @ Texas Tech (Gameplan/ABC): Though the ship has run aground for Texas Tech, this is still a Big 12 South vs. North matchup that doesn’t involve Baylor, so the team from the south division should win.
  • University of Miami @ Wake Forest (Gameplan/ABC): “Da ‘U'” heads up to Winston-Salem, and most likely a win, as Wake comes off a 13-10 loss to Navy. If you can’t put up more than 10 on Navy, well…
  • Central Michigan @ Boston College (ESPNU): Since the loss to Arizona in the season opener, Central Michigan has rolled off 7 straight. The downside for them is that this at BC, so while I expect CMU to give them a run for their money BC should still win.
  • Temple @ Navy (CBSCS): Hey, Temple isn’t terrible this year! Nonetheless, Navy should still be able to beat them.

4:00: Nevada-Las Vegas @ Texas Christian (Versus): TCU has to avoid the post-game let down against a very bad UNLV squad. Provided they do, they should win handily.

4:30: Pennsylvania State @ Northwestern (ESPN): Northwestern is on the edge of getting bowl eligible, but that will most likely come against Illinois in a couple of weeks.


  • Kansas State @ Oklahoma (FSN): This isn’t last year’s Oklahoma team, and this isn’t last year’s Kansas State team. So Kansas State may only lose by 13 instead of 23 this time.
  • Eastern Michigan @ Arkansas (ESPNU): Arkansas. Next!
  • Mississippi State @ Kentucky (SEC): Okay, this isn’t much more exciting, but at least this is a conference game. Miss State has shown signs of life but on offense the just lack talent outside of RB Anthony Dixon. Kentucky is tough to read right now, because while they are 1-3 in the SEC, those 3 losses are definitely to the upper crust of the SEC, including both Florida and Alabama. I still think Kentucky is a slightly better team than Miss State, but this could be pretty close.


  • Washington State vs. Notre Dame (@San Antonio, TX; NBC): I don’t know for sure if this is a “true” neutral site game, but they could play this game on the Moon and Notre Dame would still win by 30. Wazzou is just bad.
  • New Mexico @ San Diego State (CBSCS): Speaking of terrible teams, New Mexico is already 0-7 and that shouldn’t change against a merely bad San Diego State squad.
  • Georgia Tech @ Vanderbilt (SEC): The GT boards are alight with giddiness over the fact that GT now controls its own destiny, especially with 4 games to go. I’m still nervous, of course. The key for Tech here in Nashville is avoid a letdown and make sure that we come out in the 1st half and take Vandy out of the game. I’ve made the point in past weeks about just how terrible Vandy’s offense is this year, so I can’t exactly take it back now. But I’m just worried that our bad defense could show up again at any moment now and Vandy could figure out how to run and/or pass the ball and just ugh. GT just needs to go up there, stay focused, and avoid turnovers.

7:45: South Carolina @ Tennessee (ESPN): I’m still not buying what Tennessee is selling, and hey, now that Steve Spurrier has finally beaten Vandy perhaps him and his Gamecocks are over the hump now! (Now there’s a sentence that no one could conceive of being written 10 years ago.)


  • Southern California @ Oregon (ABC/ESPN2): The two most important games of the day, right here. This is the Pac-10, right here. And trust me, I want to pick Oregon so bad. And it wouldn’t even be that far-fetched. While both offenses have been absolutely rolling the past few weeks, the USC defense is just a shadow of its former self at this point. That said, USC just doesn’t lose games like this, it seems like. I’ll pick the Trojans until they show me why I shouldn’t pick them. Unfortunately.
  • Texas @ Oklahoma State (ESPN2/ABC): This is also a huge game, obviously. However, I think this is the game where OSU will finally feel the loss of their best player and while they may be in it for awhile, Texas will probably prevail.
  • Michigan State @ Minnesota (BTN): That said, this is is the game of the night! It has everything you want! Two 4-4 Big Ten teams going at it in primetime! Only on the BIG TEN NETWORK!!! Okay, seriously, I’ll go with the team that didn’t let Iowa drive the length of the field with 90 seconds in the left of the game, and that’s Minnesota.

8:15: Marshall @ Central Florida (ESPN): This is a very confusing game to pick. Both teams are roughly equal in terms of wins and losses. Both have lost to East Carolina, beat the terrible teams they played, and lost to their BCS conference opponents. So let’s play “C-USA East Coin Toss”. Marshall is heads, and UCF is tails. Heads it is!

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