Bowl Games: Part III, 12/31

Here’s all the games of the last day of the year. As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong.

  • Air Force vs. Houston, Armed Forces Bowl (@Fort Worth, TX; 12:00 PM, ESPN): I’m taking the Falcons here not because I’m currently running an Air Force dynasty in NCAA 2009 right now, but because Houston isn’t very good and, well, it’s the Armed Forces Bowl. Air Force almost has to win.
  • Oregon State vs. Pittsburgh, Sun Bowl (@El Paso, TX; 2:00 PM, CBS): I am finally picking Pitt to win a football game, and I’m hoping I don’t regret it. That said, I can’t think of very many teams more disappointed heading into their bowl game than the Beavers.
  • Vanderbilt vs. Boston College, Music City Bowl (@Nashville, TN; 3:30 PM, ESPN): As much as I like rooting for Vandy during the season, they pretty much tanked after the Auburn win, beating only Kentucky in their next seven games afterwards. BC is a decent football team, and should win, but I also don’t expect the score to be that high.
  • Kansas vs. Minnesota, Insight Bowl (@Tempe, AZ; 5:30 PM, NFL): Kansas ended the season with a strong victory over Mizzou, and I can’t say I’ve though much of the Gophers at all over the course of the season. So I’m taking KU, and let’s face it, since it’s on the NFL Network it’s not like you’ll see if I’m wrong anyway.
  • Georgia Tech vs. Louisiana State, Chik-fil-A Bowl (@Atlanta, GA; 7:30 PM, ESPN): Usually, I avoid picking Tech at all in games. I don’t like predicting the outcome of my own team, because, well, it just feels wrong. To be consistent, I always pick Tech to win if I’m in a situation where I have to make a pick, like this one. So I did, and I won’t even attempt to provide any justification.

The next edition to the picks will be posted later tonight or tomorrow.