Bowl Predictions, Week 4

Here ya go. Let’s do this.

  • Got officially back onto the Florida bandwagon, they should make a BCS bowl over Georgia even if they lose to Alabama in the SECCG.
  • The Big 12 and SEC will be 2 teams short of a full slate. I don’t see this changing unless some really unlikely stuff occurs.
  • As for the ACC, who the hell knows? They will have at least 9 bowl eligible teams, though.
  • Yes, Virginia, you do see both Buffalo and Florida International on there, though FIU is pretty much a stand-in for “any eligible Sun Belt team”. Buffalo will probably be at least 7-5, though.
  • Just a reminder, even though I do have USC going to the Rose if Oregon State wins out they will have the tiebreaker over USC. Which makes things interesting for the Fiesta, as they’d have a choice (most likely) of Texas, Ohio State, and USC and could only pick two.
  • Somewhat Non-Obvious Matchup of the Week: Oregon State-Oklahoma State, Holiday Bowl. Not exactly non-obvious, but Oregon State is strangely buyount this season and Oklahoma State should have no problems scoring points. The Holiday’s repuation as a good bowl should remain intact. Imagine if USC falls to here (though they probably won’t)?