This Weekend in College Football: Week 9

As usual, all times Eastern and all predictions wrong. And probably a little more hasty than usual.


  • Texas Tech @ Kansas (ESPN): I don’t think it’ll be terribly relevant if TTU misses all of their extra points, they should still win by a few scores.
  • Illinois @ Wisconsin (ESPN2): Wisconsin has been losing everywhere, and I doubt the skid will stop here. Though it’s definitely hard to tell because UIUC lost at home to UMN last week, but I’ll stick with them anyway.
  • Minnesota @ Purdue (ESPN Classic): I feel sorry for Joe Tiller. I’ve also heard there’s some internal discord up in West Lafayette. Minnesota should roll.
  • Northwestern @ Indiana (BTN): Wooooo, another Big Ten game. Anyone notice that Northwestern is 6-1? It sufficies to say that they weill be 7-1 on Sunday.
  • Boston College @ North Carolina (Raycom/Gameplan): Big game for both teams. Can UNC recover from their loss last week and the loss of their key offensive player? Can BC stay afloat in the ACC Atlantic? No and yes, respectively.


  • Oklahoma @ Kansas State (FSN): Oklahoma is setting up nicely for a BCS run. Their next three games (this one, Nebraksa, TAMU) are very winnable, but at the end of the schedule be dragons in the form of TTU and Oklahoma State. I guess it goes without saying I like OU here.
  • Baylor @ Nebraska (Versus): Baylor showed some initial promise at the beginning of the year, but they’ve lately faltered. Then again, many teams will falter against the two schools with “Oklahoma” in their name. That said, this game is up in Lincoln and I’ve picked a lot of read teams so far so I’m going with the Huskers here.
  • Kentucky @ Florida (Raycom/Gameplan): Florida’s already had a bad home loss this year. Hopefully for them they learned their lesson and take care of business going into the Cocktail Party next week.


  • Georgia @ Louisiana State (CBS): On paper, UGA should probably win this game. But there are several tangible factors, namely, 90,000 very drunk Cajuns. I’m going with the (admittedly) slight upset here and picking LSU.
  • California-Los Angeles @ California (ABC/Gameplan): Outside of USC and maybe Arizona (can’t believe I just said that) this rest of the Pac-10 has been very unprediactable this year. That said, this is UCLA’s 3rd road game of the year and they got blown out in their previous two. This might not be a blowout, but I will still take Cal.
  • Oklahoma State @ Texas (Gameplan/ABC): I don’t really need to tell you how huge this game is, nationally and in the Big 12. Definitely no doubt that the Big 12 South is back after a couple years of the North domination. Now, as for the game, both these teams are good but Texas has some semblance of a defense, so I like them here.
  • Michigan State @ Michigan (ESPN2/ABC): MSU has not won in this series since 2001. A series of blowout and heartbreaks have followed, but if any year is going to be the year for the Spartans, I have to say this is it.
  • Virginia Tech @ Florida State (Gameplan/ESPN2/ABC): We (as in GT) badly need FSU to win here, even with FSU coming into Atlanta next week. That said, I’m not sure how confident I am picking either team. VPI has been winning their games with some combination of buggle gum and duct tape. FSU’s rise to 5-1 hasn’t been much better and they don’t have a win significantly better than any of VPI’s. There’s not really any logical reason VPI should win here, but since I want FSU to win I’ll take VPI.
  • Southern Methodist @ Navy (CBSCS): I was baffled when June Jones took the SMU job. I am even slightly more baffled now. Sure, SMU has more money, but in terms of college football prestige it’s almost a lateral move. Needless to say, I’m picking Navy.
  • Virginia @ Georgia Tech (ESPNU): It’s homecoming in the ATL, so naturally I went to the away game last week. Huge wins for both these teams last week. GT still looked disorganized on offense. Early in the 3rd quarter, they had a few chance to really salt the game away but failed, letting Clemson come all the back. But Tech did not fold (something that I saw pletny of the previous 4 seasons) and put together the winning drive. Will Tech be more consistent tomorrow against a resurgent UVA team? We shall see. Well, I probably won’t since it’s on das U but still.

6:30: Colorado @ Missouri (FSN): 1990 nevar forget!!! That said, despitre recent sturggle Mizzou should be heavy favorites here, and if hey are, I agree.

7:45: Alabama @ Tennessee (ESPN): Technically, tomorrow is the fourth Saturday in October, but nonetheless these two meet once again. A drubbing of Miss State last week has done little to reassure the orange-clad Volunteers, and for good reason. While I am not sure Alabama will finish undefeated, they should pull it out in Knoxville.


  • Pennsylvania State @ Ohio State (ABC): It’s Penn State! It’s Ohio State! It’s Big Ten Primetime football! With that out of the way, I think OSU has a real chance here, especially with the game in Columbus. In my mind, this game is about a push. But if OSU falls behind early they are boned, in my opinion. That said, I think they have a real chance but I am picking PSU by the slimmest of margins.
  • Notre Dame @ Washington (ESPN2): I don’t know if y’all noticed, but Washington is really bad this year. ND should have no trouble.
  • Southern Mississippi @ Memphis (CBSCS): Why does CBSCS show games like this? Can’t they feature Tulsa or ECU or something? Seriously. Because I know nothing about these teams, I am taking Memphis.

10:15: Southern California @ Arizona (FSN): Is Arizona legitimite? They’re certainly not terrible, though they feature losses to New Mexico and Stanford. Are they good enough to beat a USC that seems to have gotten their, er, stuff together? Probably not.

Bowl predictions should be on time this weekend. Enjoy your Saturday!