Paul Johnson Passes Out the Burnsauce

From CBS Sportsline:

When Georgia Tech’s leading returning receiver James Johnson said “… we’re going to hope that Coach does not do all that much running. We just hope he’s saying all that to trick people,” Johnson came out firing.

“He caught 30 balls (actually 25) and they went 7-6,” Johnson said. “If something wasn’t wrong, if what they were doing was so great, we wouldn’t be here. It’s not like we’re coming in here and dismantling this high-powered machine that was lighting everybody up.”

In other news, OOC Schedule previews are coming Real Soon Now. Rutgers and Kansas State have completed their swap of Fresno State, but Rutgers still had a vacancy in its schedule. While that’s likely to be a DI-AA team, I’m going to wait and see a couple more days.

Edit: Apparently James Johnson has left the team. Double burn. (More likely, though, it had to do with his injury issues.)

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