45 thoughts on “Live Commentating: Braves @ Nationals

  1. A5

    For the record, the game was supposed to start 12 minutes ago. This thing won’t be over until midnight EDT.

  2. asimperson

    While we wait for the real first pitch, it’s worth noting that the Braves will go back to Atlanta as soon as this one is over to face the Pirates and then get an off day Tuesday.

  3. asimperson

    Jon Miller just said “our friend Bill James”. I doubt Joe Morgan talks to Mr. James on any sort of basis.

    Meanwhile, Hudson strikes out Zimmerman. 2 down.

  4. asimperson

    I love it when this happens. Francoeur bounces a ball down the 3rd base line. 3rd baseman lets it go to see if rolls foul, and at the last second it hits the bag, dying on impact.

    Infield single.

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