This Weekend in College Football: Week 10

As usual, all time Eastern and all predictions wrong.


  • Purdue @ Pennsylvania State (ESPN): The list of teams Purdue has lost to (Ohio State, Michigan) is far more impressive than the list of teams they’ve actually beaten. Their OOC consisted of 3 MAC schools and Notre Dame, and in-conference their best win is probably against Northwestern. I’m going with Penn State here.
  • Iowa @ Northwestern (ESPN2): Speaking of bad teams that have lost to Purdue… anyway, I’m going with Northwestern here.
  • Wake Forest @ Virginia (Raycom/Gameplan): ACC implications! More for Virginia than Wake, though, as with a UVA loss Virginia Tech will have first all to themselves in the division. I still don’t really think Virginia is all that good, so I’ll take Wake here.


  • Nebraska @ Kansas (FSN): Yes, I know Nebraska showed up for 3 quarters against Texas last week. I still think they’re pretty bad and have a lame duck coach. The Fightin’ Manginos survive another week.
  • Kansas State @ Iowa State (Versus): Meanwhile, K-State rolls.
  • Vanderbilt @ Florida (LF/Gameplan): Unless Florida pulls its best South Carolina impression, I don’t really see how the Commodores will escape the swamp with a win. Provided they pull it off somehow, they will be bowl eligible for the first time since 1982.

2:30: Navy @ Notre Dame (NBC): We all know the story here. And I was supremely confident in a Navy victory until they lost in a 59-52 shootout to Delaware last week. That said, I highly doubt Notre Dame’s offense is capable of generating 21 points, much less 59. I think the Midshipmen pull it out.


  • Michigan @ Michigan State (ESPN/ABC): I don’t think either of these teams are particularly good, but the Wolverines have done a better job of feasting on their weak Big Ten foes. And I have to preserve my crackpot prediction that they’ll beat Ohio State and go to the Rose Bowl, so they win here.
  • Texas @ Oklahoma State (Gameplan/ABC): Despite losing at Texas A&M, Oklahoma State is still in the thick of the Big 12 South race with Oklahoma. Texas needs a ton of help (if it’s still even possible for them to pull it off) and they’d need a win here. The Cowboys did a much better job of dispatching Nebraska than the boys from Austin did. With the game in Stillwater and OSU knowing that control of their own destiny still on the line I think they win here.
  • California-Los Angeles @ Arizona (ABC/Gameplan): Why is this on TV anywhere, much less ABC? Arizona probably won’t even make a bowl game and UCLA is not a very good team, and just inconsistent enough to possibly lose this game. Will they? Probably not.
  • Cincinnati @ South Florida (Gameplan/ABC): Remember when these teams were relevant? You know, like a month ago? No? Well, then. Both are actually 6-2 but sport 1-2 conference records, with the main difference being that Cincy is reeling after consecutive losses to Louisville and Pitt. USF is reeling as well, but losses to Rutgers and UConn look slightly better at this point. I’ll say the Bulls will probably win.

5:00: Louisiana State @ Alabama (CBS): So Saban has saved his job for the time being from fickle Alabama fans by beating Tennessee in Knoxville and doing so with some gusto. LSU is missing some key guys due to injury and shady off-week shenanigans involving nightclubs and guns, but I still feel pretty confident LSU will prevail.

6:30: Missouri @ Colorado (FSN): 17 years! Never forget! Also, Mizzou wins.

6:45: Arizona State @ Oregon (ESPN/FSN Arizona/FSN West): While some bunch of idiots at ABC/ESPN Central Command decided that UCLA-Arizona would be worth broadcasting this got stuck on two regional FSNs. Fortunately for the rest of us, ESPN managed to get the national rights to the game. I expect a pretty good game, but the Oregon crowd is pretty loud and though uniforms would be enough to dispirit any opposition before the game. Arizona State passed their first test last week, but I think this Oregon team is just too good to lose to them.


  • Florida State @ Boston College (Gameplan/ABC): Here’s what I know about this game. 1) FSU isn’t very good. 2) Matt Ryan is pretty darn good. Eagles cruise.
  • Oregon State @ Southern California (ABC/Gameplan): Once again, ABC subjects us to crap. Recent losses notwithstanding, Trojans win.
  • Texas Agricultural & Mechanical @ Oklahoma (Gameplan/ABC): TAMU is slightly less dispirited than Nebraska is despite also having a lame duck coach. But it will be rockin’ in Norman on this Saturday night and I think they’re better anyway. Sooners win.
  • South Carolina @ Arkansas (ESPN2): Despite their consecutive losses, South Carolina is probably still a better than Arkansas. The Razorbacks have spent the past two week drubbing lesser opponents (Ole Miss and FIU, both worse than Vandy) while South Carolina is coming off a close overtime loss to Tennessee. Provided they show up, they have an edge I think and I’ll take them here.

10:00: Washington State @ California (FSN): Cal gets back on track by blowing out the Cougars.

That’s all I got folks. Look for bowl predictions sometime Sunday or Monday.