The Bowls, 12/28-12/31

Well, it looks like I was pretty much wrong about UCLA. Somehow the Bruin defense that held USC’s offense to 7 points gave up 37 to anemic Florida State. (We have Patrick Cowan to thank for the Seminoles’ other seven points.) Time to set myself up for more ridicule! Commentary will be light; I’m about to leave for my grandparents’ house. (All times Eastern, fools.)

Oklahoma State vs. Alabama, PetroSun Independence Bowl (Dec. 28, 4:30 PM, ESPN): I hope Alabama loses, but that’s only because I’m an Auburn fan.

Rutgers vs. Kansas State, Texas Bowl (Dec. 28, 8 PM, NFL Network): It’s kind of sad that Rutgers, once the favorite for the Big East BCS bid, is now relegated to playing long-gone Kansas State on a channel few people can watch. The Scarlet Knights will ride all over the Wildcats in retaliation for such an assignment.

Texas A&M vs. California, Pacific Life Holiday Bowl (Dec. 28, 8 PM, ESPN): Texas A&M finally won a big one against Texas about a month ago, and California still hasn’t recovered from the embarrassments of their performances against Tennessee and USC. I say the Aggies take the momentum from a victory here into next season.

Clemson vs. Kentucky, Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl (Dec. 29, 1 PM, ESPN): Kentucky made a bowl game? (Clemson wins.)

Oregon State vs. Missouri, Brut Sun Bowl (Dec. 29, 2 PM, CBS): Oh man. I don’t even care about this one.

Houston vs. South Carolina, Autozone Liberty Bowl (Dec. 29, 4:30 PM, ESPN): Steve Spurrier will curse out all of the officials at least twice each as Houston almost proves itself decent against a mediocre SEC opponent. The Gamecocks will pull it off and regroup to wreak havoc on the SEC’s national title hopes next year.

Texas Tech vs. Minnesota, Insight Bowl (Dec. 29, 7:30 PM, NFL Network): Not the NFL Network again!

Purdue vs. Maryland, Champs Sports Bowl (Dec. 29, 8 PM, ESPN): Neither of these teams matter, and neither does this game.

Navy vs. Boston College, Meineke Car Care Bowl (Dec. 30, 1 PM, ESPN): Prepare to see those annoying Meineke Car Care commercials ad nauseum. Blech.

Please, make it stop…

Texas vs. Iowa, Alamo Bowl (Dec. 30, 4:30 PM, ESPN): Texas is playing in the Alamo Bowl, which is awesome, considering the school is pretty close to San Anton’. Unfortunately, Matthew McConaughey will probably be too busy promoting his lame-0 film We are Marshall to jump around on the sidelines and provide some much-needed distraction from the Longhorns destruction of the Hawkeyes.

Georgia vs. Virginia Tech, Chick-fil-A Bowl (Dec. 30, 8 PM, ESPN): Georgia is so fickle this year. They lost to Vanderbilt and Kentucky then managed to beat Auburn and Georgia Tech. Virginia Tech only lost two games and somehow didn’t get any media attention this year. I’m not really sure who to pick here. Chick-fil-A will probably win.

Miami (FL) vs. Nevada, Bowl (Dec. 31, 7:30 PM, ESPN): Miami (FL) has fallen farther than any other team in Division I-A. It was just years ago that they were setting win-streak records and winning national championships. Now they are overrun by thugs and controversies and losing games left and right. They will probably barely beat Nevada.

This post is kind of weak. Hopefully I’ll make another post before New Years’ Eve to close out the season and redeem myself.