Bowl Previews

Well, the internet connection here at the asimsports compound kind of sucks, so here’s a whole batch of stuff right through the 28th:

  • Motor City Bowl, Central Michigan vs. Middle Tennessee State (ESPN, 6:30 CST): Well, about the only thing of interest to me is that I know a guy who went to MTSU. Unfortunately for him, CMU should roll.
  • Emerald Bowl, Florida State vs. UCLA (ESPN, 7:00 CST): I assume that this game is still played at whatever they’re calling Pac Bell Park these days (AT&T Park I think, but whatever), which should give UCLA a slight home field advantage. I can’t forsee anyway that FSU would be into this game – I watched their game against Wake when they just absolutely quit, and then they lost to Florida. FSU also still doesn’t have an offense, as far as I know. UCLA should roll.
  • Independence Bowl, Oklahoma St. vs. Alabama (ESPN, 3:30 CST): I know a couple things about this game. OSU is a decent team, and I hate Alabama and they just fired their coach. So I like OSU here.
  • Texas Bowl, Kansas State vs. Rutgers (NFL Network, 7:00 CST): Rutgers wraps up their dream season with a bowl that has it’s like 4 name in 5 years and no one will watch because it’s on the NFL Network. Whoops. Kansas State isn’t very good and Rutgers should win, you know what they say about “if a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around…”? Yeah.
  • Holiday Bowl, California vs. Texas A&M (ESPN, 7:00 CST): Now here we go. I don’t feel like it’s bowl season for real until the Holiday Bowl, usually because it provides the first real matchup of the season. I’m still a bit baffled the Holiday didn’t take Texas – despite TAMU’s victory over UT, I still feel the latter is probably a better team. At any rate, I like the Bears here.

That’s it, kids! Tune in the 28th or 29th for the remainder of the non-Jan. 1 bowls.