CFP, Week 12

Well, the CFP was destroyed once again by an onslaught of upsets. The falls of Auburn, Texas, and California were all noteworthy, but the worst came at Washington, where Stanford overcame a ratings margin over 16 points for the first time in the history of CFP. Looks like I’m gonna have to narrow my gimmees a little bit. No surprise, Notre Dame did not fall to Air Force, and Florida State didn’t win, either. Oh yeah, and Connecticut beat Pittsburgh on a gutsy two-point conversion in double overtime. Connecticut?

Six gimmees this weekend: Wisconsin/Buffalo, Navy/Temple, Georgia Tech/Duke, Boise State/Utah State, BYU/New Mexico, and LSU/Ole Miss. Close matchups to watch: Pittsburgh is picked over West Virginia by the tip of a nose, Cincinnati is not that far behind 10-0 Rutgers, and Wake Forest has only a slight edge on Virginia Tech, even with the home field bonus. Oh, and Ohio State is up 9.3 points on Michigan. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

You can read the rest of the predictions of Tito’s system at Here’s hoping the last four weeks of the season are kind to the CFP’s record.