BCS Shenanigans

With the Rutgers win tonight, here’s the lo-down:

Assume UF continues to run the table. Their current strength in the computers will keep them up and put them in the title game.

Assume the following auto-bids and at-large selection by the Rose:
Rose: USC/Cal winner vs. Michigan/OSU loser
Fiesta: Texas
Orange: ACC winner
Sugar: 2 at-large slots

The Sugar loses the #2 team (UF) to the title game, so they get the first two picks (they already had the first pick after the title-game compensation). Boise State (if they win out) and the Big East winner must be picked by someone. However, the Sugar would have a chance to match up Auburn and Notre Dame for the first time.

So the Orange gets the next pick. They take the Big East winner, and then the Fiesta gets stuck with Boise St.

There’s a chance Notre Dame losing again would knock them out of the top 14, but I have my doubts about that.