Bowl Predictions, Week 3, and more

Just an FYI, I updated the bowl predictions already. I’d elaborate on them, but, eh, a few days have already passed. Just know, Hawaii accepted their bid to the Hawaii Bowl and Navy will go to Charlotte for the Car Care Bowl.

That said, I’d like to take a minute to step back from our football discussion.
Ismail Mohammed – still the man

Yup, that’s right folks, Georgia Tech’s basketball season begins this Friday against Elon. It won’t be broadcast, but I’ll be there – a great start to a hopefully great weekend.

In case you didn’t know (which I doubt, considering the places this is linked to), Tech has a lot of lofty expectation this year. I’ve been told that our new PG, Javaris Crittendon, is the real deal (as in, he passes to people and doesn’t turn the ball over all the time). Thad Young is, of course, also the real deal and we’ll be lucky to have him after this season. The upside of being so young last year is that several of those guys are back this year, giving us what is now one of the most experienced squads in the conference.

I’m not sure what to expect, but it’s sure a heck of a lot better than 11-17. I’ll have a report Friday night as I put up the TV Guide.