CFP, Week 11

Last weekend, the CFP posted a dismal 38-17 record, lowering the year-to-date percentage to 74.8%. Many of the mispredicted games had margins over ten points. However, the CFP did manage to correctly pick Kentucky over Georgia.

This weekend, some repeat offenders have a chance at redemption. Michigan State, Clemson, Arkansas, Maryland, and Texas A&M have all tripped up the CFP, some more than once. Other teams, like Air Force and Florida State, seem doomed to fail once more. Those two were picked to beat Notre Dame and Wake Forest, respectively. Six teams are favored by ratings margins greater than sixteen points, the most gimmees I’ve had so far this season; Virginia Tech, Penn State, Washington, Nevada, Boston College, and Hawaii are all but guaranteed victories over their opponents.

Well, that’s all I have for this week’s CFP report. You can read the rest of this week’s predictions at