On Notice!

West Virginia University – 6 turnovers in an ugly loss to Louisville? You’re fast, but you have to play better than that to be #3.
Clemson University – Lost 2 straight to teams that GT has beaten – after they owned GT. More proof that the Transitive Property of Football is not true.
University of Iowa – You lost to North-freakin’-Western. Not just perennially overrated, now just plain bad.
University[sic] of Georgia – You lost to Kentucky! Wooooooo!
Wake Forest University – WF and GT are on a collision course for the ACC Championship Game – aka John Swofford’s Nightmare. Just a little pre-emptive taunting to psyche them out 😉
Duke University – Now that basketball has started, no one in Durham has to watch this putrid team.
Guy Who Broke JoePa’s Leg – In the Wisconsin-Penn State game, JoePa got hit when someone went flying onto the sideline. JoePa stayed around for a quarter before being carted off with a broken tibia. Hardcore for an old dude.
University of North Carolina – Repeat what I said about Duke, but replace Durham with Chapel Hill. You and Duke are next up on the GT hit parade.