On Notice!

  1. Michigan State University – Well, you’ve now gone from being the worst finishing team in land to the worst starting team in the land. You were down 46-7 before 2 meaningless TDs in the 4th to make it kind of respectable.
  2. University of Southern California – Oops. Well, USC fell, but not to one of the teams that people were expecting. They hadn’t been playing well lately, but this time they couldn’t quite recover. (Missed a 2-pt conversion that would’ve tied it at the end)
  3. University of Nebraska – After looking respectable against Texas, you fell to Oklahoma State this week, making the Big 12 North race a lot more interesting.
  4. University of Miami – Two in a row! GT now has the easy road to the ACC Championship Game.
  5. Clemson University – After reaming GT, you go and lose to VT, making the ACC Atlantic race wide open. On the other hand, I’m glad you lost, because I didn’t want GT to play you again for the Championship.
  6. Ohio University – Despite sucking, you’re now bowl eligible. Wooo.
  7. University of Alabama-Birmingham – (Honorable mention to UConn, Rutgers, Idaho, and Hawaii) – The upcoming UAB-SMU game (and the Idaho-Hawaii game) is being played this Tuesday night, which makes absolutely no sense. Rutgers and UConn play on Sunday night, which is odd since neither of these teams are in the NFL. Stick to Thursday and Saturday during the regular season, ok?
  8. North Carolina State University – Chuck Amato has apparently decided that he is not, in fact, the man. You’re next.