This Weekend’s Games

Before I begin, I think yesterday’s whipping of Clemson by Virginia Tech officially ends any validity of the Transitive Property in application to college football. If you forgot, recall that: 1) GT whipped VT a few weeks ago in Blacksburg, 2) Clemson whipped GT last weekend in Clemson. So, yeah.

Anyway, let’s do this. As always, this reflects my being here in Atlanta, which means these are the games I get on the Georgia Tech Cable Network and that the times are Eastern.


  • Oklahoma @ Missouri, ABC: A close game, I think, and a win established Mizzou as the class of the Big 12 North, and perhaps a re-emergence of some evenness in terms of the competitiveness of the Big 12’s divisions.
  • Notre Dame @ Navy, CBS: ND rolls.
  • NC State @ Virginia, local ACC affiliate: Well, NCSU came back and beat BC and FSU and seems to have a quarterback again. I have to like them here, even at UVA. Also, Virginia still doesn’t really have an offense.
  • Northern Illinois @ Iowa, ESPNU: Well, Ehren, Iowa may be overrated, but you have to like them here.
  • Northwestern @ Michigan, ESPN: Well, let’s see, Michigan is good this year, and not only did NU’s coach die in the offseason, they just allowed the biggest comeback in DI-A history. UMich rolls.
  • UIUC @ Wisconsin, ESPN2: The Fightin’ Ron Zooks head up to Madison, WI. Did you know that Wisconsin’s campus has 6 pubs on it, and unlike GT’s so-called “pub”, they actually serve, you know, alcohol. Wisconsin also plays the Budweiser, but they say “When you say Wisconsin, you’ve said it all!” instead of the proper way (like we do). At any rate, they win.

12:30: Auburn @ Ole Miss, local SEC affiliate: FOOTBAW


  • Miami (FL) @ Georgia Tech, ABC: I have no idea what to make of this game. It’s homecoming for us, and Miami returned a lot of their tickets, so this may be the largest Tech crowd ever. Miami may have an “us against the world” mentality due to their recent “adversity”. We got blown out at Clemson last week, but a GT win here pretty much seals the division for us. There’s a lot riding on this, and in several ways, is probably our most important game of the season.
  • Florida vs. Georgia, CBS: I’ll still call it “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”, but honestly, since when do rednecks drink cocktails? Also, UF rolls.
  • Wake Forest @ UNC, ESPNU: Ironically, UNC’s players may now play better since it’s confirmed that their coach is gone after the season. Nonetheless, Wake is a solid team and avoid the loss.
  • USC @ Oregon State, FSN: Who will knock off USC? Probably not the beavers.


  • Texas @ Texas Tech, TBS: Texas Tech doesn’t really seem to have the “magic” this year, and so Texas will probably be the ones scoring 60 points here if anyone does.
  • Arkansas vs. UL-Monroe, ESPNU: I can’t tell if this is being played at a neutral site or counts as a “home” game for UL-Monroe, but honestly, I don’t care.
  • FSU @ Maryland, ESPN2: Remember when these teams were good at that offense thing? Yeah. FSU should win.

7:45: Tennessee @ South Carolina, ESPN: Fulmer! Spurrier! The UT of the South seems to be good this year, and despite Spurrier blowing out Vandy last week, UT should roll.

That’s all I got kids. Feel free to dispute below.