On Notice!

Northwestern University – You gave up 38 unanswered to the Fightin’ John L Smiths, the largest comeback in I-A history, and stealing my best running gag in the process.
Georgia Institute of Technology – Sigh. Front 7 was completely dominated on defense. Offense couldn’t do anything at all. I’m done with this now.UCLA – You played defense for 59 minutes, and then you let Brady and Samardzjafjajzjia own you for 80 yards in 35 seconds. WTG.
John Bunting – You’ve been told that you will not return next season. Not surprising, since your team sucks.
University of Oregon – I didn’t see this game at all, or know anything about it. But you lost to Wazzu, who’s outside of the Top 25.
The ACC – Grow some balls and give the leg stomping mofo more than a 1 game suspension. Seriously.
Coaches’ Poll – You have USC at #2 still, even though they kinda suck. Whatever. Pretty much mailing it in at this point.
University of Miami – Thug U rolls into the ATL to determine the Coastal Division champion. A GT win gives them a defacto 2 game lead, and with games against NC State, UNC, and Duke remaining, essentially clinches the division. A GT loss essentially means the inverse. Fortunately, Miami isn’t nearly as good as Clemson, so GT should win.