Bowl Predictions, Week 2

I’ll try not to be depressed about yesterday long enough to talk about this. Onward:

  • Still no idea who really has a shot for that at-large spot in the Poinsettia Bowl. Only two of the Pac-10’s 4 win teams will probably finish with 6, which means they can’t fill it. I doubt they’d pick a small conference East Coast team to fill the slot, so I went with San Jose St.
  • Question marks by Indiana and Kentucky because I think they have a shot at finishing with 6 wins, and because I have no idea who will take those spots if they don’t.
  • FSU-Washington in the Emerald Bowl, or, “teams that were really good in the 90’s bowl”
  • The ACC is still pretty much very muddy. You’ll note Boston College is in the Orange Bowl – this is because they have the inside track to the title game (they need to lose again for Clemson to go). Despite the performance yesterday, beating Miami Saturday leaves Georgia Tech in the Coastal driver’s seat. Everything after Clemson on there is pretty much just a guess.
  • The SEC has an extremely good chance at putting two teams in the BCS, provided Auburn and Florida win out. The ACC could also do it if Clemson wins out, but this is unlikely, since the Big East champion still has to go somewhere, the Rose will happily take Michigan and Cal if Ohio State and USC win out, and Notre Dame will be eligible so someone will take them.
  • Speaking of OSU and USC, I’m keeping them there until I’m convinced someone will actually beat them. USC is obviously more vulnerable, but if they take care business and whip Oregon State and Stanford the next two weeks it will be impossible for anyone to knock them off unless they lose.

There may be errors on the page, in fact, I just spotted a new misspelling. Oh well. The link is on the right, and you can comment below and tell me how dumb I am.