On Notice!

  1. Michigan State University – Lost again, therefore still on here. @ Northwestern this week, good chance for a W.
  2. University of Iowa – Pretty sure I’ve ranted on this before, but Iowa is perennially overrated. People really like their coach for some reason, but I can never see it. They lost to Indiana this weekend…good job.
  3. Florida International University – On here as a combo for the second week in a row, but this time with…
  4. University of Miami – Woo! Da U be back for realz! If football isn’t violent enough for you, just start swinging your helmet around for extra fun.
  5. University of Missouri – Lost their first game to TAMU this weekend, losing their status as the worst unbeaten team in the land.
  6. University of Florida – They weren’t going to go unbeaten, so this loss to Auburn wasn’t terribly unexpected. The problem is that they just looked bad in the second half, and now all the UF fans are back to ripping into Chris Leak.
  7. University [sic] of Georgia – You lost to Vanderbilt on homecoming weekend. THWG!
  8. Clemson University – Probably the biggest game in the ACC this season. A loss for Clemson makes it much harder for them to win their division, and they’re about to face the steamroller that is the GT defense. Like Nick said, Clemson being 9 point favorites is absolute madness – I’d be shocked if this game isn’t decided by 4 or less points.