On Notice!

  1. Michigan State University – Um, you guys lost to Illinois. You’re in the #1 spot until you beat someone (which may be awhile).
  2. Officiating – I’m a couple weeks late on this bandwagon, but it has now affected me more personally. In the 3rd quarter of the GT-VT game (OMFG we won!?@#!), there was a “Touchdown” where the only thing that crossed the line with the VT runner’s helmet, shown clearly in replay. The call was not reversed upon review.
  3. USA Today Coaches’ Poll – Georgia Tech is 2 places (and nearly 80 points) behind Virginia Tech, a team that they just absolutely bitch-slapped around the field. UGA, a team that has beat Colorado (0-5) and Ole Miss (1-4) by a combined 6 points, is ahead of LSU, whose closest win was by 31 points and whose only loss was 7-3 to the #2/#3 team in the nation, Auburn. If any coaches are looking for someone to help them with their ballot, I’d be more than happy to do it for $50 a week…(Watson Brown? You’re only 1.5 hours away from me.)
  4. “Beamerball” – If I told you that there was a blocked punt and a defensive TD in the VT-GT game, you’d assume that VT was the team to have done both. And you’d be wrong.
  5. Boise State University – After TCU got beat 31-17 by the Stormin’ Mormons (err, Cougars) of BYU, you’re now the only mid-major with any shot at an at-large BCS berth. Your only remaining interesting game is at home with Fresno, so your odds are pretty good. If you blow everyone out on your way to 12-0, you should get the big payday.
  6. Wake Forest – Unbeaten? This is like a basketball team that goes 13-0 before conference play begins by playing a bunch of cupcakes and the occasional conference bottom feeder (aka the Duke game). In their defense, the Syracuse, UConn, and Ole Miss games probably looked a lot tougher when they scheduled them. But now they get a Clemson team that has scored 103 points in the last 2 weeks. This one won’t be close either.
  7. University [sic] of Georgia – You’re the worst team in the Top 10. From what I’ve seen, I can’t expect you to beat Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, or GT.
  8. University of Maryland – GT doesn’t fear the turtle. Especially since Fridge ate it after he got nervous during the FIU game.