This Saturday’s Slate

Let’s do this.


  • Virginia @ Duke (LF Sports): CRIPPLE FIGHT!!! Seriously, Duke stands a good chance of winning this one. Virginia can’t move the ball to save their lives.
  • Toledo @ Pitt (ESPNU): I don’t really hae anything to say about this one. Go Rockets?
  • Tennessee @ Memphis (ESPN): So, wait, a dominant state power agreed to actually play at a lesser school’s home stadium? Heck, they agreed to play them at all? Amazing, but call me when Alabama or Auburn go to UAB or Troy.
  • Wisconsin @ Indiana (ESPN2): Go badgers, I guess.


  • Mississippi State @ Louisiana State (LF Sports): MSU, no chance to survive, etc., etc.
  • Colorado @ Missouri (FSN): 16 years ago, on October 6, 1990, an event happened that almost never happens in college football. Colorado was down 31-27 on their last chance drive at Misouri. Their national title hopes hung in the balance – at the time, they were 3-1-1. Someway, somehow, Colorado was granted a 5th down. Pay careful attention when CU gets to 1st and Goal – they spike on first down, but they don’t increment the downs, so they run again on first down, and then on 2nd. They spike again 3rd (really 4th) down, and score the winning touchdown (disputable) on 4th (really 5th) down. And people thought those Oklahoma-Oregon guys were incompenent.
    Why am I ranting about this? Well, another team went 11-0-1 that year. That was Bobby Ross’s Georgia Tech squad. Tech finished first in the UPI (now the AP) Poll, CU finished first in the coach’s poll. Yeah, that’s right – a team that a) lost a game and b) needed a 5th down to win another somehow got a share of a national title. Amazing. Because of the bowl situation back then, CU and GT never had a chance to play on the field.

2:30 – Purdue @ ND (NBC): ND probably wins. I’m really pissed off now after watching that video.

  • Alabama @ Florida (CBS): UF should roll here. Alabama didn’t look good at all at Arkansas.
  • Georgia Tech @ Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (ABC): Yes, that really is the full expansion of Virginia Tech’s name. This is pretty much the game of the day. The ACC Coastal title is probably at stake here, and it’s tough for me to say who will win. Regardless, it won’t be 51-7 again.
  • Rice @ Army (ESPNU): Go Bobby Ross and USMA!

6:00 – Houston @ Miami(FL) (ESPN2): This reminds me of that joke on Family Guy about dumb reality TV shows on FOX: “Next on FOX, ‘Fast Animals, Slow Children'”

  • Southern Cal @ Washington State (TBS): USC rolls
  • Louisiana Tech @ Clemson (ESPNU): Clemson rolls, not much going on at 7:00 today
  • Kansas @ Nebraska (FSN): Again! 7:00, you disappoint me


  • Ohio State @ Iowa (ABC): Honestly, I’m glad we’re not down here. Lane Stadium is pretty crazy as-is, and it’s much worse at night. Again with the rolling, though, as that’s what OSU should do, but Iowa stands more of a chance than WSU, LaTech, and Kansas.
  • Michigan @ Minnesota (ESPN): Michigan may be the first team from the Big Ten to actually be underrated. OSU-Michigan should be incredible this year.

9:00 Georgia @ Mississippi (ESPN2): Not quite “Fast Animals, Slow Children”, but should be a bloodpath again. Unless Stafford plays most of the game again. At any rate, Go Rebels!
10:15 Stanford @ UCLA (FSN): Go Trees, er, Cardinal!