Of UGA and The Duke Blue Devils

Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Editor’s comments are in brackets. I’m Nick.

Will: uga suspended another player for the first two games of their season today
Nick: yay uga
Will: if they keep going at this rate, they’re going to look a lot like their 04-05 basketball roster when they play western kentucky and south carolina
Nick: at least there’s one SEC game in that span
Nick: can you imagine if they lost to USC?
Will: the uga fans would be all over richt’s ass for daring to suspend someone for silly, minor transgressions like borrowing a teammate’s car without permission, using another person’s driver’s license to gain entry into a strip club, getting into a car accident and being charged with DUI.
Will: [copy/pasted w/tense changed from espn.com article]
Nick: hehehe
Will: [and yes, that was a different player than the one suspended today–that player got a whopping three games]
Will: good lord, uga has an even easier schedule than usual this year
Will: although to their credit, i don’t think they could’ve predicted colorado being on the downswing when they scheduled that game
Nick: ooo, it’s even at south carolina
Will: they even managed to get every single crummy team in the sec
Will: yeah
Will: usc almost beat them there two years ago
Nick: well, their west-division games are miss, miss st., and auburn
Nick: not much sure it gets easier than that [due to the first two, not AU]
Will: yeah
Nick: both vandy and kentucky are in their division….christ, who’s going to beat them this year?
Nick: (other than florida)
Will: i was about to say
Will: honestly, we’re [read: Georgia Tech is] at worst the fourth toughest team they play, and that’s only if tennessee is able to rebound and florida/auburn live up to their billing
Nick: people seem to think tennessee will be okay this year
Nick: I don’t know how, though
Nick: in fact
Will: yeah
Nick: I’m not really sure how phillip fulmer still has a job
Nick: I figured he was a goner after losing to vandy
Will: me too
Nick: seriously, what the hell happened up there?
Nick: I mean, we probably have the half talent they do, play as good of a schedule, and still have winning seasons
Will: i wish i knew
Will: okay, here’s a quote along the lines of brett favre saying the packers have the most talent in the nfl:

“Virginia Tech safety Aaron Rouse had several reporters shaking their heads when he said: “If Duke wasn’t in the ACC, they’d probably be the No. 1 team in the Big 12 or somewhere.””
Nick: he’s actually played duke, right?
Nick: I’m pretty sure baylor could beat duke
Will: i think so too
Nick: I mean, I know the big 12 north was really, really, really bad last year
Nick: but duke? c’mon man
Will: duke would be hard pressed to win a game against anyone in even the big 12 north
Will: maybe they could stay on the field with kansas state or something since their program has fallen apart in the last two years
Will: but i’m not sure they’d make it to bowl eligible if they played in the MAC
Nick: what about the sun belt?
Will: they’d win minimum six or seven there, i think–the sun belt is plain bad, even by duke standards