Well, hey there. Didn’t see ya come in. Have a seat.

I’ve been toying around with an idea lately – I do these bowl predictions every year. So why not publish them somewhere where more than 1 person might actually see them? Keep in mind, I predict who will go to what games, a task usually reserved for unorganized people on sports message boards and a couple of the hacks at ESPN.

Then I thought it about. Why not just have a whole sort of column, if you will, where I talk about sports – year around! While not exactly a novel idea, I figured I’d invite some folks to join me as well. If this stays around, you may see them in a couple of days.

I like to think I bring a unique perspective to the table. I’m currently a senior at Georgia Tech, an institute not exactly know for its sports journalism output – in fact, the amount of media that covers it, I think, is rather low. (Indeed, one of the most popular topics on Georgia Tech sports message boards is the coverage, or lack thereof, from the media.) I don’t just do college football either – you may get laments from me about major league baseball, college basketball, or even a NFL rant on occasion.

So I’ll chew on that for awhile. Check back again in a bit.