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That pic is the final standings from my Fantasy Baseball league – I pretty much led the whole season, and I still won by 250 points despite benching most of my SPs for a few weeks. Anyway – the On Notice board for this week pretty much writes itself, so I won’t bother. Next weekend I’m going to be out in CA visiting asim (who has GamePlan), so don’t be surprised if there’s a drunken liveblog of the day’s action on Saturday (at least the afternoon PDT action). He’ll also probably make me do a real On Notice board, too – so look out for that.

On Notice! Week 4

I don’t feel like doing the board this week, so just a few quick hits about who sucked this weekend:

Nebraska – Beat Ball State by 1 point – woo!
Louisville – Lost to the (formerly) worst team in the Big East, Syracuse. You gotta play defense to win games.
Georgia Tech – UVA is not a good football team – should have won by 14, but instead lost due to 2 fluke plays. We appear to be on the way to another 7-5 season, but Gailey will be forced out if he loses to UGA again.
Texas A&M- Embarrassed by Miami on national TV. Makes the ACC look a little better.
Clemson – Oh crap. At least it’s at home.

On Notice! Week 3

Notre Dame – Holy crap this team is awful…I kind of wish they were at least decent so that GT’s win over them looks like some kind of accomplishment, but I guess that isn’t going to happen.
Northwestern – Lost to Duke…now people might shut up about the ACC, but I doubt it.
University of Arkansas – Growing the legend of Saban by losing to ‘Bama, not to mention wasting the efforts of Humanity Advanced, Darren McFadden.
UCLA – Got blown out by Utah, but don’t confuse this Utah team with the Urban Meyer teams of a few years ago…this was just a decent MWC team, nothing more. Karl Dorrell will get fired if he doesn’t beat USC again, and it will be traced back to this game.
Stupid GT Fans – A few gems of stupid from The Hive, the normally far too positive GT board:

The problem is the defense against passing; it always has been with Tenuta, and it will always be so. As long as Tenuta is the Defensive Coordinator, the teams with a good passer will tear us apart.

I knew the game was over when Boston College came out deep in their territory, junked the run, and decided to come out passing. They passed all the way to Tech’s end-zone. I turned off the TV as I knew it was another loss because of Tenuta’s ineptness against the pass.

We will lose to Clemson, UGA, and any team who has a good passer. This will never change at GT until Tenuta is replaced.

Any team that will throw the short pass to control the game and the long one occasionally to stretch our defense will beat us. When we are dominated in “time” by the opposing team by continuing to get first downs from the short passing game, we do not have the opportunity to get in a rhythm on offense. We feel pressured because we know the passing team will come right back on the field and control the game with the short passes.

I assure you, you can take it to the bank, it will “never” change at Tech until Gailey gets rid of the last obstacle to winning at Tech, and that obstacle is Tenuta.

Yeah – Chan should fire the man that’s pretty much the only reason he still has a job. Without Tenuta’s Top-15(ish) defenses, GT is probably a 4-8 team at best during the past 4 years. I’d also like to point out that no one else in the ACC has the QB or the OL to pull off the game plan BC used against Tech’s D.

Auburn University – This is more to confirm Tito’s feelings about his team than anything. That and they suck…the only game left for them is the Iron Bowl.

ESPNU – This is more at Comcast for not carrying it, but it upsets me that I’ll have to get up early-ish and go to a bar to watch…

University of Virginia – …this week’s opponent. GT hasn’t won @ UVA since 1990 when we upset them with a last second FG en route to our split MNC. This year would appear to be the end of that streak, since Jameel Sewell still sucks. Though he isn’t as bad as he was in his first start against GT, he’s still not nearly good enough to do anything resembling what BC did. Also, their WR have poor hands and their running game isn’t anything special. I can’t see GT losing this game, but being on the road might keep it close.

On Notice: Week 2 (Special Guest Edition!)

Well, I’m doing On Notice! this week. You’re just going to have to deal with it.

  1. “Da ‘U'”: When I wrote that I expected Oklahoma to win, I meant that Miami might actually bother showing up to Norman and give them a run for their money. Instead, Miami absolutely wilted. We now know for sure that neither of Miami’s quarterbacks are any good and that Patrick Nix is still a terrible offensive coordinator.
  2. Auburn University: Sorry Tito. This game was fascinating in that it seemed as though both teams were desperately trying to lose up until USF punched in the winning touchdown.
  3. Keys: A recent article reminded me of a phenomenon that I really hate: students and spectators shaking keys. At Tech (and I imagine, most of the South) it symbolized the suggest that perhaps the opponent should being to warm up their busses. In the North (and places influenced by them, see Virginia Tech) it symbolizes a “key” play. Both uses are really terrible, and the former is just downright classless. Please stop doing it.
  4. Green Bay Packers: You may be wondering why a NFL team is on here. I’ll tell you why. Because there’s a decent chance Jared Lorenzen is going to start at quarterback in place of the injured Eli Manning for the Giants Sunday. Jared was a staple of those awful Kentucky games on JP Sports back in The Day, and I find it pretty amazing he managed to actually stay at quarterback all these years instead of being moved to say, fullback. So, yeah, Packers, you better watch out.
  5. Temple University: Temple confirmed their status as the worst team in major college football by getting blown out 42-7 in their MAC opener. And it wasn’t a good MAC team either, it was perennial Bottom 10 contender Buffalo. Yeah.
  6. Duke University: Duke continues on their quest for a second consecutive winless season, as they lost to probably the only ACC team they had a chance of beating, Virginia.
  7. University of Michigan: On here until they win, which they have a fair chance of doing against fellow winless team Notre Dame in the Lame Duck Bowl this Saturday.
  8. Boston College: 2 of the 5 teams in major college football without the word “University” in their official school titles meet in Atlanta this Saturday. I expect this to be our first real test of the year, but I’ll save the specifics for Friday.

On Notice! (Belated Week 1 Edition)

Everyone’s (well, the like 3 people who read this thing, anyway) favorite weekly feature announcing who sucked last week in CFB is back for it’s second season!

1) University of Michigan –
This one is pretty obvious, but in case you didn’t know UM lost to D1-AA (I refuse to call it the “Championship Subdivision”) Appalachian State 34-32. WTG guys.
2) University of Virginia – Now we enter the Crappy ACC teams section of the post. UVA lost to Wyoming, and from what I hear, their QB looked pretty awful.
3) North Carolina State University – Lost to UCF – good job Tom O’Brien.
4) Duke University – Lost to UConn 45-14 in what was probably their best chance to win a game this season. The L streak is now at 21 and counting.
5) Sports Media – 2 things here: First, Lloyd Carr is not going to get fired at Michigan, no matter what those idiots keep calling for in their columns. Second, almost all the articles about the GT-ND game are about how much ND sucks, and in some you have a hard time telling what team they even played against. It’d be nice to give a little credit to GT for being a pretty good team, but I haven’t seen any mainstream articles about this.
6) Charlie Weis – In retrospect, he must have been withholding the starting QB because he knew they all sucked. A “genius” should be able to get it done with less than top-flight talent and have his team looking at least somewhat prepared in Week 1.
7) Early Polls – Michigan at #5 looks pretty dumb right now. As does having FSU at #19 and BC and GT unranked. Good job dumbasses. (BTW, if anyone from the BlogPoll reads this, I would love to vote, and will announce my love for all things poll related)
8) Samford – Little D1-AA cupcake action coming up this weekend for GT – posters on GT message boards are like “if we don’t take this seriously, we’ll end up like Michigan!!!!1111”. This is an obviously dumb statement – Samford and App State aren’t even close in terms of talent. Plus, they’re the Bulldogs.