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Oh, NFL Europe

Will: okay, so i know it’s june, but i just saw the most confusing football play i’ve ever seen in my life
Will: so i’m flipping channels, and there’s an nfl europe game going on where one team just scored to take the lead with 48 seconds left, so i say “what the hell, i’ll watch”
Will: well, it’s the kickoff, receiving team is down 3
Will: the ball gets kicked, lands near the goal line, the returner picks the ball up after a bounce about five yards deep in the end zone
Will: well, the returner jogs up close to the goal line, looking like he’s about to take a knee for a touchback
Will: and then out of nowhere, he passes the ball to one of his teammates standing at the 25
Will: the announcers sounded surprised, but not really as confused as i was, so i was wondering if maybe there was some weird forward pass on kickoffs rule in the nfle or something
Will: well, the “wide receiver” gets dropped at about the 35, then i see there’s a flag
Will: for an illegal forward pass
Will: (so i was suddenly far less worried about the nfle rules committee)
Will: with the penalty being a safety, because the forward pass occurred in the end zone
Will: thus clinching the game
Will: i then realized that it was, in fact, the dumbest play i’ve ever seen in my football-watching life