Bowl Games 2023: Epilogue

The final bowl page is up. I went 22-21 overall, getting somewhat bailed out by correctly calling the playoff. If you check the index, I took a slight hit to the overall winning percentage, but hey, I’m still better than random.

I just watched the entirety of the game and suffice to say the “Michigan just out-musceled them on the lines” prediction was correct. Penix was just never comfortable and eventually it just got to be took much, even after Washington adjusted and was able to slow down Michigan a bit after the first quarter. I really don’t think any of this takes anything away from what the Huskies did, after all, this is their first loss.

And with that, we enter offseason mode here. It was a fun season. The sport is changing rapidly, and as we enter the super-conference future, it can be easy to say that nothing will ever be the same. But in the same way that the ACC Coastal didn’t really disappear, Pac-12 After Dark will continue, and it’ll still be college football. (At least for now.)