Rating the 2021 Non-Conference Slate: Epilogue

And now, the OOC schedule preview closing ceremonies.

First, The List of Shame! No one plays more than one FCS opponent this year, so no one’s on it. Huzzah!

Next up, shouting out teams that play more than one other Power Five team (excluding Notre Dame playing ACC teams and yearly/regularly scheduled rivalries):

  • Miami (Alabama, Michigan State)
  • Duke (Northwestern, Kansas)
  • Stanford (Kansas State, Vanderbilt)
  • West Virginia (Maryland, Virginia Tech)

That’s not many! But hey, we’ll look forward to potentially more of these in the future.

And finally, each conference’s average “legit” rating:

  • Big Ten (0.226)
  • Pac-12 (0.194)
  • ACC (0.183)
  • SEC (0.165)
  • Big 12 (0.1)

Fully half of the Big Ten has a scheduling scoring 1.0, which helps bring their average up compared to other conference. The last time we did this for a full season in 2019, the opposite was not true, and so it’s good to see the B1G finish first in something, I suppose.

Anyhow! We’re gonna watch and talk about actual football this weekend! See you then!