Braves Diary (31/162)


I adhere to the Bobby Cox mantra of trying to win two of three, so a sweep is always just gravy on top. And to see a sort of “b-team” lineup that missed Freddie Freeman (getting a day off as he was hopefully just pressing in his currently funk) and a 39-year-old defensive whiz catcher behind the plate instead of the hot rookie Conteras was great enough.

Drew Smyly actually pitching like a guy we’re paying $11 million to pitch well, though, that may have been the best part of all. He pitched into the 7th and allowed only one unearned run. It’s hard to say that today was something was a last chance, but he needed to have one good start, and he will need to continue to put together a few more good starts for me to feel any lasting relief. But for now, though, it’s back to Cobb County for these Braves against a hot Phillies team.