Braves Diary (5/162 and 6/162)

Hey, it turns out you can also win baseball games!

The Braves and Nats played an old-school back-to-back doubleheader today, except for the fact that each game was only 7 innings. In the early game, Max Fried left after two innings pitched, but Acuna had himself a day and was all over the place. In the second game, the Braves survived a strong start by Strasbourg and themselves got 5 IP out of the “opener” Huscar Ynoa. The difference was a two run homer by Pablo Sandoval (two HR as a pinch hitter already!), and got the save from Sean Newcomb.

You know, just how they drew it up.

With these games starting at 9am Pacific, I missed most of the first game. The setup I have now is that I have the game on my TV (through on my Xbox One), so I usually just mute while I’m in meetings and talking to teammates. I’m finding myself looking forward to the games that start in the late afternoon, like they should.